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Giant Halfbakery Links Spider Diagram

A map of all the linked to ideas in the 'bakery
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A lot of ideas in the halfbakery are linked to one and other. You could probably get from any one idea to any other idea, simply by following the links added to the idea.

My idea is to take a stop point, any day at all, where the bakery will be copied to another server, so that working out the diagram won't stop the halfbakery.

Each idea will then be looked at, and the idea with the most links will be placed in the center of the diagram, with the ideas with the lest links to and from them being on the outer edges of the diagram.

Each idea will have lines coming out of it, signifying a link, and a directional arrow, showing which direction the link works in. Also, links to external sites will be included as lines going to a web address.

Although this is never going to be implemented, due to the fact that it is such a huge task, and the diagram would probably need to be updated on a yearly basis, i would deffinatly pay quite a sum of money for a hard copy of the diagram. It would make quite the cool poster, and it could be used to challenge folk at a game of 'shrtest route' and others of that ilk.

[ sctld ], Jun 30 2002

The centre http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Vagina-Jam
Spread it on your toast [pottedstu, Jun 30 2002]

New Meats http://www.halfbake...om/idea/New_20Meats
Just added a bunch of links to this idea. [phoenix, Jun 30 2002]

Job interview obstacle http://www.halfbake...20obstacle_20course
An old idea of mine with lots of links. [phoenix, Jun 30 2002]

Sorta Claus http://www.halfbake.../idea/Sorta_20Claus
The idea which would be at the center - if it had links. [phoenix, Jun 30 2002]

Tamara Munzner's resources: Network Visualization http://graphics.sta...ources.html#network
[jutta, Jul 02 2002]

Bill Cheswick's maps at Lumeta http://www.lumeta.com/
Posters [jutta, Jul 02 2002]

But hey, knock yourselves out. http://www.panix.co...nks-2002-Jul-01.txt
Links in ideas appear tabbed in by one tab under them. Decoding my super-secret URL encoding is left as an exercise for the reader. [jutta, Jul 02 2002]

(?) MIT's Personas http://personas.med...du/personasWeb.html
Works with any person's name, but also pretty cool when using a member's screenname [theircompetitor, Aug 23 2009]


       You'd only end up with a big bundle of string leading out of the pot of vagina-jam.
pottedstu, Jun 30 2002

       I'm pretty sure there is an idea out there that has more than four links on it.
[ sctld ], Jun 30 2002

       I'm not sure you'd get what you're after. Since anyone can make a link, a connection between two ideas doesn't make them related.
phoenix, Jun 30 2002

       Big kipper from me, I'm afraid. It would be such a mammoth task. Just think of the wo/man hours involved. I mean, does anyone out there know anyone who has nothing better to do all day than sit at a computer reviewing the twisted ramblings that are presented here.......
dijit, Jul 01 2002

       I don't think it's a hard task; you'd just have to do   

       grep 'http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/' *   

       over the whole database/all the pages, and do a bit of tinkering with the results.
pottedstu, Jul 01 2002

       It doesn't matter if the links are related ro meanignful, i really just want a giant link map of the halfbakery, i don't care whether the link to's make sense or not, as long as they are there.
[ sctld ], Jul 01 2002

       Are the lines allowed to cross? It would be more of a challenge if they weren't.
DrBob, Jul 01 2002

       I don't see why not. Maybe two versions could be made. One without crossing over, and one with crossing over. It might not be possible to do it without crossing.
[ sctld ], Jul 01 2002

       The other day I thought perhaps it might be neat to have a halfbakery links-only page, listing all the added links (but not the ideas) that branch out of the bakery on one page, perhaps in groups of 10 with prev/next buttons. Since everything's in a database now, I *think* this would be pretty simple to set up. But how useful, really?
waugsqueke, Jul 01 2002

       It would be for interest mainly, but on several occasions I've remembered that a link has been on here, *somewhere*, but I couldn't remember where.
angel, Jul 01 2002

       The obvious way to make this would not be as a poster, but a three-dimensional thing like a molecular model thing.
sappho, Jul 01 2002

       No, i'm stickin' with the poster.
[ sctld ], Jul 01 2002

       oh go on, you can have those molecular things in all colours with the knobbly ends and double helixes, we love double helixes...
po, Jul 01 2002

       You can have your molecules, i want my poster, damn it!
[ sctld ], Jul 01 2002

       I love it when you are rattled! you could photograph the *real* thing and make it into a poster
po, Jul 01 2002

       It wouldn't be the same thing though.
[ sctld ], Jul 01 2002

       You say you would re-do/update your poster every year. With a molecular model, you could spend all day every day adding the ideas physically, as new links were made. A sort of ongoing (dis)placement activity. the baubles could be different colours for different authors. They could be spherical for positively-received ideas, and tetrahedral for fishy ones.
sappho, Jul 01 2002

       I just want a damn subway-esque poster. You can have your molecules if you want them. I want a poster.
[ sctld ], Jul 01 2002

       I vote for the poster... its probably cheaper... alternatively a smaller version could maybe go on a t-shirt...
RobertKidney, Jul 01 2002

       Maybe this could get implemented... Jutta?
[ sctld ], Jul 01 2002

       Please don't use the halfbakery for web-crawling experiments, unless you really, really know what you're doing; I've got to block enough crappy software as is.   

       For those of you who think that this site would be a good source for experimenting with graph layout algorithms, I've provided the raw link data in the link above. You can take it from there. There's a lot of material on graphs already out there, so you might want to read up on it first.   

       I think you're overestimating how interesting this looks, but feel free to prove me wrong.
jutta, Jul 02 2002

       Figured I'll link it here rather than posting an expiring idea -- MIT Persona's graphically illustrates a person's web imprint, and generates pretty interesting results for member screennames
theircompetitor, Aug 23 2009

       Hi, THC. Did you know that MIT offers free online courses?
blissmiss, Aug 23 2009


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