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Doughnut-Bagel Hybrid

Part doughnut, part bagel
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It’s got the texture and heft of a bagel, but the sugar coating and jam filling of a doughnut*. For added kick, you can toast it and apply cream cheese.

It would be called either “bagnut” or “doughngel”.

*or chocolate coating and custard filling

AO, Jun 19 2003


       Bagels and doughnuts - my two favorite food groups. However this doesn't sound appealing. I'd prefer the light fluffyness of a doughnut without the sugar and with the sourdoughness of a bagel. Regardless, you get a pastry sans hole.
Worldgineer, Jun 19 2003

       Sorry. This looks like a croissant, but it has the spininess and smell of a fishbone.
phundug, Jun 19 2003

       You could continue the trend of putting toppings on only half the donut and instead have half the donut be half a bagel!   

       Or something like that.
rapid transit, Jun 19 2003

       Would it be boiled/baked or fried?
Cedar Park, Jun 19 2003

       <homer>Mmmm.... bagnut</homer>
rapid transit, Jun 19 2003

       Cedar, I think it would be boiled/baked in the style of a bagel, since that seems to be what gives a bagel its crusty-chewiness.
AO, Jun 20 2003

       That and a lack of leavening. At least, calorically, they'd be a good match.
bristolz, Jun 20 2003

       Have a croissand-wich. Or would it be sand-ssant?
demtangs, Jun 20 2003

       Sounds delish!!!!! Really! If these ever become real, you've got yourself a taster
Sparkette, Mar 13 2004

       I want one of these.
Spacecoyote, Feb 24 2009

       Sounds like something my wife would try to get me to eat. But she'd fill it with spinach. I'm not going there. I wanna bagel made out of meat, and I don't want any damn sugar on it. There!   

       Sorry about the '-'. It's probably a good idea and all, but I haven't seen a good bagel in about a year, or a good doughnut since Krispy-Kreme closed. If the real thing were an option, the combination might seem more appealing.
colorclocks, Feb 24 2009

Spacecoyote, Feb 24 2009

       [-] eww eww eww eww

       (I enjoy both but not at the same time)   

       [Worldgineer] sourdough donuts exist (and are quite yummy).
FlyingToaster, Feb 24 2009


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