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Down View Glasses

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These are glasses with mirrors mounted on top that are adjustable.

These can be used to see straight down. Watch food as it enters your mouth or watch your own lips move as you speak or for other straight down viewing activity.

vfrackis, Jan 15 2015

same thing except it's the lower half of bifocals Texting_20Glasses
[FlyingToaster, Jan 16 2015]


       Baked in the form of glasses for reading while lying on your back.   

       On a side note; a buddy of mine always used to stare down when he walked. One day we were crossing a field after it had rained and he kept walking up to large puddles and then would have to look up for a way around.
As I'm saying to him, "You must find a lot of stuff always looking down like th..."
He goes, "Hey a wallet!"

       True story.   

       Baked but not wkte. I'll bun it.
Voice, Jan 16 2015

       Perhaps the mirrors could mounted on rotating motorised bezels, sweeping through 360° every second. That way you could look down, left, up and right in rapid sequence without moving your head or eyes.
pocmloc, Jan 16 2015

       Bunned. I like this one better than mine because you get to see the ground while walking. You want the mirrors curved, to change ocular infinity focus into 1-2' as well, so you have non-blurry peripheral vision while concentrating on book/whatever.
FlyingToaster, Jan 16 2015


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