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Texting Glasses

Bifocals, which lower lens pair focuses downwards
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and are ground to enable close vision from the eyes at infinity focus.

The wearer can thus hold a book or tablet/phone comfortably at chest or waist level, near flush with the body, reading or texting, head up, without worrying about walking into lamp posts or bicyclists, in ergonomic comfort.

FlyingToaster, Dec 22 2014

Only vaguely related... Reading_20while_20walking
[normzone, Dec 22 2014]


       I'd rather have two different glasses for each side so that the images in your mind blur and shift and you have to direct your attention to either reading or looking around.
Toto Anders, Dec 22 2014

       ^ Binaural focus depth perception is overrated, but you'd probably walk into more things and be spooked by the innocuous without it.
FlyingToaster, Dec 22 2014


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