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Down in Front

Shortest to tallest on the plane
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Measure everyone from the torso up while they're sitting down...shortest people up front, tallest in back---to watch the piece of crap in-flight movie.
goober, Jul 22 2005


       You know the plane's level when all the sleepers are drooling out of both sides of their mouths.
reensure, Jul 22 2005

       this would also save time when people need to line up outside the plane in the event of a fire. Or was it just my school where we had to line up in height order?
neilp, Jul 22 2005

       I'd be in the very back row, then, and wouldn't have to watch the movie. +
baconbrain, Jul 22 2005

       <obligatory "When I first read this" anno> When I first read this idea I thought it was about a down-filled vest designed to keep the tummy area really warm (something [goober] might want for his pregnant wife!)   

       Thanks for defending Air Canada, and I have to agree with your assessment of the in-flight viewing options. You could check to see what's showing on your next flight then ask to be seated behind a tall person if it's really bad.
Canuck, Jul 22 2005

       If I'm traveling with someone of a different height than myself, we'll be separated because of the movie.
waugsqueke, Jul 22 2005

       I'm 6'4". My good lady is 5'2". Our son is 3'11". We're not flying on your airline.
wagster, Jul 22 2005

       wags, if you let your good lady sit on your son's lap she'll probably be around your height...also we're measuring from the seated position. Some people are long in the torso, short in the legs.
goober, Jul 23 2005

       Wouldn't it be easier to have everyone sat on hydraulic chairs that line up everyone's heads to the same height? I've often thought of this at the cinema as I am acutely aware of how much I can block the view - I try to find a seat with no one behind me.
wagster, Jul 23 2005

       Seems like adding hydraulics would cause weight issues on an airplane...but a very bakerish idea nonetheless.
goober, Jul 23 2005

       Actually, I do think there is goodness in this idea, but not for the movie (since as [pa`ve] points out, all decent planes have a nice 10" LCD on the back of each seat).   

       The seats in Economy can be graded slightly so that taller people get a bit more legroom, and perhaps wider people get a little more width.   

       I know BA quite often upgrade really tall people to World Traveller plus on long flights, so this is part-baked.
Jim'll Break It, Jul 23 2005

       Yeah, I was thinking about the grading thing, but I thought the flight attendents probably wouldn't care for that idea very much with their carts. Even if the aisles were still level, that'd be a lot of reaching up in the back seats.
goober, Jul 23 2005

       I was under the impression that most airlines that gave you screens that are difficult to see show movies that are not worth the effort of watching. Maybe in a cinema though.
hidden truths, Sep 18 2005

       short and sweet.
benfrost, Sep 20 2005


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