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See-through runway

A runway that is over a concourse so that passengers can look up and see the bottoms of planes.
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Imagine a concourse that is underground but has a window on the world. Future passengers are walking down the concourse to their pre-determined terminal; the lighting is a white harshness along the sides, but a cool natural (read skylight) in the middle. A voice comes over the loud speakers announcing the departure of flight 182 - DFW to CVG non-stop. All the people stop what they are doing and look up. Through the skylight they hear an almost unperceivable rumble and the hall darkens. All of a sudden a huge 767 peaks it's nose over the edge and starts to pick up speed. Watching, heart beating faster and faster, the plane speeds up, the tires - almost achingly - leave the ground and ... lift off is complete. Everyone in the hall applauds and goes about their business, happier for the moment. An aeronautical aficionado’s wet dream.

This would only work on take off as landing would leave nasty black skid marks on the glass and wouldn't be as good for stopping a plane. Also, if something goes wrong (god forbid) the security people wouldn't want you to see it in all it's bloody/fiery glory.
barnzenen, Sep 24 2002


       Actually I think blissmiss's idea was better...
CasaLoco, Sep 24 2002

       Oy, but who's gonna clean it?
phoenix, Sep 24 2002

       things go wrong on take off as well.   

       but really, i don't think they'd want you to see how they mishandle your baggage when loading.
sadie, Sep 25 2002

       Very nice. Croissant.
8th of 7, Sep 26 2002

       Sure, things happen on take off, but they aren't as bad as on landing, are they?
barnzenen, Sep 28 2002

       sadie: They don't call them "tossers" for nothing..
Mr Burns, Sep 28 2002

       In agreeance with Nick. Huge security issues, and obvious liabilities.
Peal-n-Eat_Shrimp, Sep 28 2002

       The "huge security issues and obvious liabilities;" what are they?
bristolz, Sep 29 2002

       What is this skylight window made of? The airliners I've seen are heavy beasties. I have a hard time imagining how you could build a window strong enough without entering WIBNI territory.
krelnik, Oct 21 2002

       You're on the HB, you passed the WIBNI gatehouse days ago.
bristolz, Oct 21 2002

       Well, it wouldn't be just one big skylight, it would be lots of little ones in a mozaic style. So each one would have a little more support then just one. Also, it wouldn't be the whole length of the runway, it would only be the last little bit where the plane actually leaves terra firma (sp). Whats it made of? I would guess big glass bricks or maybe some plastic, but plastic isn't as easy to clean skid marks off of.
barnzenen, Oct 21 2002

       Could you not get the same effect, without all the objections above, by placing one or more high-resolution video cameras at the end of the runway facing up, and project the image on the ceiling of the concourse?
krelnik, Oct 22 2002

       But wheres the fun in that? I want my glass!
barnzenen, Oct 22 2002


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