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Draftee President

"Sorry Bob, you're smart, respected and successful. You've been drafted as President."
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Since those who are obsessed with power are the worst people to have running the country, have our rulers drafted into office by the people around them. Every candidate would be a write in during the first round of voting, and those who got 2 or 3 million people writing them in would state their positions and policies should they be elected (they'd have to, like jury or military service) and after 5 to 10 elimination rounds over 5 to 10 days, you'ld have your president. The way it would work is, the voters would go to a special web page and fill out a checklist of how you would want your president to stand on the issues. (Abortion - yes, Gun control - no, etc) Those who fill the requirements of the people most get to the next round. Each round, you'ld look at ten candidates, picked at random by the computer, and pick your favorite. This gets your need for the addressing of your issues met and eliminates candidates with bad comb-overs. Yea, you're only looking at 10 candidates at a time, but not everybody is looking at the same list. It would work on the law of averages until it's down to the final ten. Then the guy (or gal) who wins that one would have to go through a 4 year training course to be the president. It would be the best, brightest and most respected from all over the country as opposed to the scumbag that pulls together the most special interest money. You might even hear: "Did you hear about Bob? He got elected president!"
doctorremulac3, Apr 25 2005

Draft first term representatives Draft_20First_20Term_20Representatives
[theircompetitor, Apr 25 2005]

Dr. Remulac http://www.marksfri....com/whoswho/dr.htm
[normzone, Apr 25 2005]

The Remulac project http://www-2.cs.cmu.edu/~cmcl/remulac/
[normzone, Apr 25 2005]

Ron Paul http://www.house.gov/paul/
[normzone, May 05 2006]

(?) Rupal http://cache.deadsp...hives/rupaul%5d.jpg
[normzone, May 05 2006]

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       [Doc] - welcome. You gotta change this name so it represents the idea. Not a bad idea, but I withhold my bun until the new name comes.
bungston, Apr 25 2005

       doc, you can use < br > (without the spaces) or double-returns for line breaks.
RayfordSteele, Apr 25 2005

       What about the poor people who cannot afford computers or who have no access to one?
wimp35, Apr 25 2005

       /poor people/ - Things would be about the same for them as they are now.
bungston, Apr 25 2005

       [doctorremulac3] scared away? or like any other UK doctor - too overworked and under-paid to be able to afford broadband not to mention time to reply...
po, Apr 25 2005

       I always thought politics should be like jury duty. Depending on your qualifications, you go into the different pools of names for different offices, for all public jobs, political or otherwise. Then it's totally up to luck who gets to be President or White House gardener.
oxen crossing, Apr 25 2005

       As far as poor people having access to the internet, there are 5 librarys in the town where I live. There are an average of 5 internet stations at each of these and there is an average of 30 minutes wait to use any of these stations as they are usually being used by our local homeless people. I'm guessing most if not all of them are poor. Also, our polling is now done to a large extent with internet based stations at temporary polling places set up across the country anyway. Poor people are invited and encouraged to vote and with this system there would be no difference with this idea since voting is free last I checked. However, any internet voting system needs to give the voter a paper copy of their votes so they can go to an online database and see that their actual vote has been tallied. There's lots of opportunity for ballot box stuffing with internet voting and something foolproof to prevent this should be worked out. Anyway, any idea that would get professional politicians out of politics would work for me.
doctorremulac3, Apr 26 2005

       Very logical.
SpocksEyebrow, May 07 2005

       Draft Ron Paul.
spacer, May 05 2006

       Or maybe Rupal [link]
normzone, May 05 2006

       Three things come to mind.   

       First, in order to really get rid of the special interest influence, lobbying must be made illegal (I know that's no easy task but however much effert is needed its worthwhile). Any political revision that intends to clean up political corruption must include this in its efforts.   

       Second, why not start at the state Governor level and then draft from your set of fifty governor's. A similar system could be used for congressional officials as well.   

       Thirdly, with an open system like this, education of US political process should be much more strongly stressed in early education with a special focus on the Constitution. The side benefit would be alot less people being duped by historical revisionist political interests.
Whirligig, May 05 2006


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