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Dragon Burners

Take that magnesium! Mweh heh heh heh heh...
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A bunsen burner that is in the shape of a dragon, with the dragons open mouth pointing to the ceiling, with fire coming out, so it looks like it's alive. Maybe I could put in metal eyes, so that when it gets hot enough, the eyes glow.
froglet, Mar 09 2005

Yeah. http://shop.store.y...ear/refdraglig.html
Kinda like this? [contracts, Mar 09 2005]


       Much as I applaud the use of the much under-used dragon in an idea. Is there really any point to this?
hidden truths, Mar 09 2005

       There isn't any point to this, I just thought that it would be nice to burn stuff in chemistry with what looks like a dragon.
froglet, Mar 09 2005

       [hidden truths]: There's not much point to half-baked inventions in general.
bristolz, Mar 09 2005

       [contracts] Yeah, kinda like that, except bunsen-burner sized, with a curled-up dragon, with it's tail round its body, looking up, and when the bunsen gets turned on, its eyes glow and it looks like its spitting out flames...   

       [bris] I thought this would lighten up any mad scientists lab any day, you could even have them in different styles (if anyones read 'The Fire Within', they'll know what i mean.)
froglet, Mar 09 2005

       Would need the accompanying pointy hat and dark cloak with alchemical symbols chemist's attire.
Soterios, Mar 09 2005

       Nice, but of no use to me. Now if you could make replacement burners for gas stoves...
wagster, Mar 09 2005

       you mean those coily things? Why not make them in the shape of snakes, with scales an stuff, it shouldn't be too difficult to decorate an already-existing one - hey, that shall be my next stupid idea, although it has no use whatsoever (kinda like this invention...)
froglet, Mar 09 2005

       [Froglett], those 'coily things' are ELECTRIC "burners".   

       Neat idea.
my-nep, Mar 09 2005


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