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Dramatic Underwear

Sound effects underwear
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Dramatic underwear - when taken off slowly they play a slow 'dah dah dah' strip number. When taken off at speed the Benny hill theme tune is played. The bra makes a BOING noise as it is removed.
S-note, Apr 29 2010


       " A dram is better than a damn "   

       - Brave New World
normzone, Apr 29 2010

       When put back on, the underwear makes a disappointed Awwwww! sound.
phundug, Apr 29 2010

       <UK-centric reference>...or the Pearl & Dean music </UK-centric reference>
hippo, Apr 29 2010

       disrobed buns +   

       (I see your email address is mastervector. Hopefully you weren't mastervectoring when you thougt of this.)
Mustardface, Apr 30 2010

       How about underwear that plays the theme from The Godfather and comes in the shape of a horses-head?
zen_tom, Apr 30 2010

       I was hoping for waves crashing on a beach or a steam train entering a tunnel at the very least...
po, Apr 30 2010

       "I haven't felt that good since Archie Gemmill scored in 1978"...
Jinbish, Apr 30 2010

       Has anyone ?
8th of 7, Apr 30 2010

       Well, Archie Gemmill, at least.
Jinbish, Apr 30 2010


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