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Foil-lined underpants

protect what's worth protecting
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The foil lined hat, it only protects that boring part that does the cogitation.

The aliens can control that any day they like, hah!

But, let's focus on the really important parts of the anatomy and protect them from any kind of external control ray.

I tell you, if Clinton had had these in the White House, he'd be remembered very differently....

not_morrison_rm, May 06 2012

Guys in animal suits, one girl caressing their long... http://i.telegraph....thon16_1392765i.jpg
..and the look on that camel's face.. [not_morrison_rm, May 06 2012]

Silver Mesh Underwear http://www.odourfresh.co.uk/
Now available on the civilian market. [Alterother, May 06 2012]

Sac Sack Sac_20Sack
Similar but slightly more specifically targeted Idea; different rationale. [Vernon, May 06 2012]


       Slick Willie sez: "Foiled again"
AusCan531, May 06 2012

       Equally useful for throwing on after you complete a PB in a sexual marathon.
calum, May 06 2012

       I wonder: are they warm or cold? Please report back with this info.
bungston, May 06 2012

       >sexual marathon.   

       Remind me again, is that the kind of marathon with the guys in the animal suits? I forget. See link
not_morrison_rm, May 06 2012

       Sort of baked; the Royal Marines have anti-microbial underpants lined with an ultrafine silver mesh.
Alterother, May 06 2012

       That's really pathetic, that this great idea is already baked.
blissmiss, May 06 2012

       nifty... socks too ?
FlyingToaster, May 06 2012

       Dunno. Ask [8th]. I'm pretty sure they have an undershirt as well, though.   

       I don't think the RMs' silver briefs have any anti-alien genital control ray properties. They're just made to stay 'clean' for extended periods during field deployment. AFAIK, there are no baked examples of Faraday Undies.   

       <later:> Found a <link> where civvies can buy silver skivvies. My search also turned up silver socks on a different page.   

       Googling 'silver underwear' produces a bit of naughtiness as well. Go figure.
Alterother, May 06 2012

       // Ask [8th] //   

       Haha, we're not falling for the old "Go and ask a Royal Marine what sort of underwear they have on" trick… the result could be anything from a heavily restyled face to instant death, or worse, slow, painful death, or even… no, let's not go there. It's a very bad place you don't ever want to be.   

       Quite frankly, we'd rather be flown across the channel to france in a 787 packed with cats and babies…
8th of 7, May 06 2012

       Or worse, a DC-10.   

       Fine, if you're too chicken, I'll ask one, the very next time I meet one.
Alterother, May 06 2012

       // Or worse, a DC-10 //   

       No. A DC-10 is a shining example of excellent design and sound construction, compared to Boeing's latest offering.   

       // Fine, if you're too chicken, I'll ask one, the very next time I meet one. //   

       Suits us fine. Please make a note as to whether you prefer interment or cremation (conditional on finding any identifiable remains, of course).
8th of 7, May 06 2012

       it's of no import, Sterling underwear or not, as we are all naked beneath our clothes...
not_morrison_rm, May 07 2012

       Maybe a Faraday cage is needed...
RayfordSteele, May 07 2012

       "foil-lined to keep the freshness in"
Loris, May 07 2012

       // Maybe a Faraday cage is needed.. //   

       I worry about a lot of strange things, but electronic surveillance of my gentleman thomas is not one of them.   

       Or at least it wasn't until now...
Alterother, May 07 2012

       "US 'foils new underwear (bomb plot)'.."   

       strangely prophetic, yet almost entirely mistaken..   

       <starts playing the stock market based on erroneous belief in oracular powers - 1930's style crash occurs>
not_morrison_rm, May 07 2012

       > <quickly fashions a prototype... notices nothing... adds a director array..   

       < cuts to NASA...wondering how those 100 metre foil-lined underpants got into orbit >
not_morrison_rm, May 08 2012

       They'd probably suspect Randall Munroe.
pertinax, May 08 2012

       Before putting them into the wash,you could cook yourself a oven roasted chicken wrapped in said undergarments.   

       Although,it will require sewing skills to put them back into shape after cooking them.
skinflaps, May 08 2012

       /Before putting them into the wash/   

bungston, May 08 2012

       >require sewing skills to put them back into shape after cooking them.   

       Dr nrm-stein sews together all the bit of the chicken not eaten and connects the electrodes "Igor! Power! We must have more power!"
not_morrison_rm, May 09 2012

       Zombie chooks... farkin' yeeeeaaahhh!
UnaBubba, May 09 2012

       /No. A DC-10 is a shining example.../   

       In fact, when you think about it, a DC-10 is a 787 in foil-lined underpants.
not_only_but_also, May 09 2012

       At least there's some metal in the structure… whoever thought up the 787 clearly got obsessed by Airfix kits in their youth; probably the fumes from the glue…
8th of 7, May 09 2012

       //whoever thought up the 787 clearly got obsessed by Airfix kits in their youth//
Or perhaps they were upset by a lifelong frustration at not being able to take their mercury barometer on holiday with them.
I know I am.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 09 2012

       So, not a registered meteorologist then?
UnaBubba, May 09 2012

       No, I signed up for the meteoriticist course by mistake.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 09 2012

       There's some lovely history to mercury and aluminium airframes. During WWII British operatives would sneak onto German airbases and paint mercury on the seams of their night bombers and fighters.   

       The mercury would corrode and weaken the aluminium, causing the 'planes to break apart in the air.
UnaBubba, May 09 2012


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