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Drawn-Out Vowel Speech Recognition

Can anyone think of a summary for this?
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I own Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 Professional, a dictation and voice command program, which is working great for me. It has features to control the mouse, and scroll down. The problem is, you have to say things like "Go down 20 lines" to scroll certain distances. This idea would be to program certain commands to respond to drawn-out sounds. For instance, if I said "scroll dowwwwwwwwwn," it would scroll until I finished the word. Another option is to say "scroll down...keep going...keep going... stop." This way, if you stopped saying "keep going" for a while, it would stop scrolling.
-----, Mar 29 2005


       "Results may differ for users from southern states."
RayfordSteele, Mar 29 2005

JesusHChrist, Mar 29 2005

       totallyyyyyy aaaaaaawwwwesoooooome!!!!!!!
DesertFox, Mar 29 2005

       [UB] is that better?
-----, Mar 29 2005

       The "ow" combination makes a vowel sound.
-----, Mar 29 2005

       This looks better as "dowwwwn" to me, as you have to pronounce the "dow" bit first when saying it aloud. Thus the text needs to replicate the last letter, which in this case is the "w".
In any case it's beside the point. (+)
silverstormer, Mar 29 2005

       I'm sure that this would be delightful in practice, a great user experience, but wonder how accurately the recognition would work given that it would only have the first part of the word to work with. Maybe if you said "Down, down, down, down..."?   

       (Has anyone else ever noticed how many people, myself included, will draaaaw out the items in a spoken list, particularly if it's in defense of something? For example, someone might say, "Oh, baloney? Can you give me even a few examples of anyone like that?" and I'll respond, "Weeell, there's Joe, and Saaammmmy, and Elleeeen, and ...," in a subconscious effort to make the list sound longer.)
bristolz, Mar 29 2005

       If you watch Star Trek, common usage on DS9 or newer ships is "keep going, keep going, stop." Which is fairly intuitive. It also lends itself to other phrases like "back up."
Thlayli, Mar 29 2005

       Would be fun to train your voice recognition software to only understand you when you use a Captain Kirk accent. Or train it to understand pirate.
Worldgineer, Mar 29 2005

       You can drive the Star Trek spaceships with voice commands now, eh? Wow. That must make parking the thing a doddle. "Back a bit, back a bit, keep going, left hand down a bit. Up just a smidgeon. STOP! Okay, good. We're getting the hang of this now."   

       And while they all potter off to StarMart to buy Groznillian Floozies, the ship's computer turns the radio on, puts it's feet up and mutters, "damn backseat drivers."
moomintroll, Mar 29 2005

       "Doooooooooooown" would suggest either a Scottish, or possibly Geordie owner.   

       You could have a command along the lines of
"Scroll down till I say stop."
zen_tom, Mar 29 2005

       Well, Dragon NaturallySpeaking comes with a pointless mouse-moving function (move mouse left...go faster...go right...stop. It's kind of pointless though. It would be good for scrolling, though, and I wrote an annotation about this earlier.
-----, Mar 29 2005

       Why not make different screeching noises move the mouse? Of course, that'd be hard to describe in the user's manual.

...for easier use.
Move mouse up: "Skreeeeeeek"
Move mouse down: "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiite"
Slaughter infidel: "Lilililililili"
AfroAssault, Mar 29 2005

       H <scribble> h?
reensure, Mar 29 2005

       Good for the mouse would be a continuum that moved left as your voice got more toward the "a" vowel and right as you got more toward the "u" vowell, up as your pitch got higher and down as your pitch got lower. So mousing around would be like, "eeeeeeeee oooooo.o.o.a.a..a.. .a....A..A..A..a..a ..a..u..u.u.u uuuuuUU UUUUAAAAAAAA..." This would also teach you to be able to sing really well. There's all kinds of interesting effects you can get out of approximating the Tuvan throat singing style by making different shaped resonating chambers out of your mouth as you hold a constant vocal drone. Maybe softer or louder for left and right, less or more nasal, and maybe tounge click for mouse button?
JesusHChrist, Mar 30 2005


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