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Draws in Stairs

Extra storage in your steps.
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Very simple idea for storage that we put draws in each of the steps for storage. The draws have holes in to open rather than knobs that would get in the way.

I have included a funny drawing of my concept.

DRudge, Oct 06 2005

Drawers in Stairs http://ideas.housei...rchives/001031.html
[Shz, Oct 06 2005]

Staircase Drawers http://www.canadian...eekend/risers.shtml
[Shz, Oct 06 2005]

(?) My funny drawing of stairs http://www.letsdesi...uk/other/stairs.jpg
A crap funny drawing of my concept. [DRudge, Oct 06 2005]


       Ow wow someone has already done it. They look good. It's a shame you have to close each draw to get to the other one.
DRudge, Oct 06 2005

       Perhaps instead of a sliding drawer, you could just attach a hinge in the corner and lift the stepping surface up?   

       This idea actually sounds like quite a fire hazard.
Worldgineer, Oct 06 2005

       OK. new idea. Half of the step is a draw. That way you can still go up and down the stairs.
DRudge, Oct 07 2005

       sp. "drawer"
coprocephalous, Oct 07 2005

       This would work well in bungalows.
skinflaps, Oct 07 2005

       [World] - You'll see that solution in most yachts where storage space is at a premium and the stairs are called the companionway.
wagster, Oct 07 2005

       I'm all for more storage space.
po, Oct 07 2005


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