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Jungle gym between floors

Instead of stairs
  [vote for,

In a house with more than one storey.
spidermother, Jan 13 2012

Fun_20Gym The reminder, by [21 Quest] [spidermother, Jan 13 2012]

urban_20jungle_20(gym) Related [spidermother, Jan 13 2012]


       I had this idea when I was a little kid, and was reminded of it by a recent halfbakery comment.
spidermother, Jan 13 2012

       Mats sold separately.
phundug, Jan 13 2012

       Jeremy Clarkson wrote an article with some interestigideas on car and home design. He incorporated a ball pit into the back seat of a minivan. I just thought this was an interesting adaptation of the "stuff should be more fun" philosophy.
DIYMatt, Jan 13 2012

       The whimsy is there, it's just implicit. You want [Vernon]-esque whimsy?
mouseposture, Jan 13 2012

       When I was a kid, the Boston Children's Museum had a jungle-gym-type-thingy that went up three or four stories, but of course it has long since been removed and replaced with something that was undoubtedly much better until it too was removed to make way for the next Next Big Thing, and so on. However, since the museum's website seems to have no archives of old exhibits and is primarily devoted to selling the Next Big Thing, I have no way of substantiating such claims and will probably be accused of perjury within the next five annos.
Alterother, Jan 14 2012

       A fire man's pole to get back down and a swimming pool rather than a bath. What a house that would be.
saedi, Jan 14 2012


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