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Pedal Powered Elevator
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To reduce the space demand required by stairways and also the installation and maintenance costs of an elevator, get the Pedalvator.
The Pedalvator also comes equiped with special 'moving day' gears that let you slowly lift heavy loads without endangering yourself and others.
Zimmy, Jun 21 2003

Human powered elevator http://en.wikipedia...8v_(Ausschnitt).jpg
[spidermother, Dec 11 2012]


       Can I install the optional electric motor to pedal the bike that powers the lift for me?
Cedar Park, Jun 21 2003

       Also an escalator that is driven by a stair climber?
FarmerJohn, Jun 21 2003

       Good for emergencies.
Great Satan, Jun 21 2003

       Told ya we should have taken the stairs.   

       Use a stepper to pump your way up.
pashute, Dec 11 2012

       Human powered elevators have been around for a while (link). Treadmill powered ones were also used in the Middle Ages to build churches and such.
spidermother, Dec 11 2012

       I am very impressed that Treadmill powered ones [elevators] were also used in the Middle Ages to build churches and such.   

       Combine that thing with an old-style sideways at the stacks library ladder, some impressive shift gearing, and you have a steampunk Wonkavator!
beanangel, Sep 24 2017


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