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Dream Recorder2

It Records Our Dreams
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The Dream Recorder

This gizmo basically records our dreams when we sleep at night. When we wake up the next day, we can use the dream recorder to playback in video format exactly what we dreamt last night. This is amazing and this could foretell our future. Imagine if we could watch on video what we just dreamt.

nickrhodes, Dec 11 2012

Dream_20Recorder [FlyingToaster, Dec 12 2012]

Maybe Someday http://www.techhive...om_brain_scans.html
If this method can see what your brain is seeing based on current images, I see no reason it wouldn't work with dreams (which create images as if you were actually seeing them) [DIYMatt, Dec 12 2012]

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       hi, welcome to the halfbakery   

       [marked-for-deletion] bad science: they can measure a bunch of stuff while you're sleeping but visual and auditory things in dreams is way out of reach for the moment.   

       It'd be a neat idea if they could, but I don't think you'd get any foretelling of the future; AFAIK dreams are just the subconscious messing about with stuff you've already experienced.
FlyingToaster, Dec 11 2012

       It might not be as far off as you think FT. Still, nickrhodes didn't say how it will be done. Also, predict the future??
DIYMatt, Dec 11 2012

       May be, some day, we will able to record relevant dream related brain waves and then, play the record through wires to head and live the dream again. Predictions are out of scope.
piluso, Dec 11 2012

       There's also the question whether the experience of a dream could, even in theory, be shown on a screen in a direct manner. Much of it may be abstracted rather than eidetic.   

       Replaying a dream in the mind may be more feasible than replaying it on a screen.
spidermother, Dec 12 2012

       //Replaying a dream in the mind// is more-or-less the basis of Dream Recorder (1) <link>, which also wouldn't work, but wouldn't work less.   

       I wonder if you could do it with an implanted multipurpose droud, rather than a simple skullcap (which might work for readin' but almost certainly wouldn't for writin').   

       Often portrayed is a brain surgeon poking around and the patient says "ooh that evoked a memory of sitting on the riverbank with my toes in the water" or "I smell lavender" or something.
FlyingToaster, Dec 12 2012

       So, by your description, this gizmo wouldn't work if one had a dream whilst napping during the day?
I'm also curious why it wouldn't be on DVD?
xandram, Dec 12 2012

       99% of my dreams are rubbish afterthoughts, mixed in with whatever garbage I watched on TV the night before. Reruns. No Thanks. But for the good ones it would be nice.
blissmiss, Dec 12 2012

       // It Records Our Dreams // How, praytell?
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 30 2012


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