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Rewinding Videotapes at the beginning

Rewind video tapes at the beginning of the rental
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Not everyone rewinds the tape at the end of the rental. If you had people rewind the tape at the beginning there would be no enforcement issue. Also, the tape is not hot at the beginning of viewing and thus stretches less (and lasts longer).

While some will say that it is more convenient to rewind at the end, we have been worken up more than I can to remember by the thump at the end signaling that the rewinding is over.

whynot, Aug 20 2001


       Because rental tapes have the record-protect tab removed, they auto-play on insertion into (most) VCRs. Although this can usually be over-ridden, it's far better to rewind after use, so how about a shorter end-of-tape leader so the machine automatically rewinds. Of course, if a user stops the tape as soon as the credits come on, it won't even get this far. Maybe a signal on the tape so that if it's stopped after a certain point it rewinds.
angel, Aug 20 2001

       Petition video shops to add a £1 deposit upon renting a film, refundable if the tape is returned in a rewound tape, otherwise it goes into a charity box. (Stick it into the letterbox and you lose your deposit/give to charity).
Pallex, Aug 20 2001

       This would also encourage people to switch over to DVD, what with there being no rewinding issue.
-alx, Aug 20 2001

       Not like that matters...I've rented cartridge based video games and they had stickers on the cart itself saying 'be kind, rewind'...
StarChaser, Aug 20 2001

       What if the video tape was an endless loop, like old 8 track cartridges or answerphone casettes - then you wouldn't have to wind back at all at the end of the film. Not practical for normal tape usage, but fine for rented films.
hvermin, Jan 21 2002

       Sounds like a separate invention. Maybe you should do some searching and see if you want to post it in its own right. Not that I think it'd do very well...
snarfyguy, Jan 22 2002

       I've thought of this same pattern and solution when deciding whether or not to empty to lint trap in public laudromat dryers. I've settled on the same "prepare it yourself" policy.
ry4an, Jan 24 2003


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