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Retro Home Kinescope

A kinescope TV recorder designed to be sent back in time 60-70 years!
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Just think, if some of those old TV shows that don't exist (no surviving copies) had been recorded by tinkerers, there would be copies in existence today! So my idea is, design a kinescope television recorder, using retro parts (i.e. vacuum tubes, no transistors, etc) that looks as though it was made at the dawn of the television age! It must record on 16 mm film or something similar (moving film stock that was available at the dawn of TV), and have room for an optical soundtrack!)

Now comes the easy part, send multiple kinescopes BACK IN TIME, and SHAZAAM the film copies will (hopefully) pop into existence present-day!! ;-)

P.S. in the instruction book, remind the user to avoid nitrate film stock!

EdisonEnvy, Nov 30 2009


       This violates the WIBNI rule.
ldischler, Nov 30 2009

       Oh, I didn't know about the "Wouldn't It Be Nice If" rule because I have seen many fanciful ideas here! Someone will probably delete it, but is time travel in any form ABSOLUTELY impossible? I guess if it's deleted, admittedly, this is not the forum for "time travel" thought experiments!
EdisonEnvy, Nov 30 2009

       Of course it is, but there needs to be a 'how'.   


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