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Hold onto your dreams
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I would like to remember my dreams more often and more vividly, and I am told that this can be improved through exercise. Repeating a mantra to remember my dreams when going to sleep has had a definite correlation with my doing so, but sometimes the act of remembering slips my mind until the baseless fabric has vanished, leaving not a rack behind.

Enter the Dreamclawk, an alarm clock shaped not unlike a dreamcatcher, a claw in its centre. Come rising time, a voice softly coaxes me out of my dream, reminding me to bring some pictures of the other side into the waking world. At the clawk's base lie a notepad and handy pen for scribbling notes and sketches, and a voice-activated recorder picks up any utterance of the more verbally inclined dream recollector.

placid_turmoil, Feb 15 2010

Halfbakery: "Don't forget your dreams." _22Don_27t_20forget_20your_20dreams_2e_22
[jutta, Feb 15 2010]


       This is very close to futurebird's idea - although hers involved a keyboard and typing, and your mantra of "remember" will probably be more effective than hers of "don't forget". (Sleepy brains are bad at negations.)
jutta, Feb 15 2010

       *Cough* indeed startlingly similar... Thanks for the tip bigsleep; a mechanical version of your idea might be named "Damoclock".
placid_turmoil, Feb 16 2010

       //Sleepy brains are bad at negations.// Is that why most things that happen in my dreams are prefixed with screams of "No! No! Please, NO!" ?
lurch, Feb 16 2010


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