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Reminder Alarm Clock

Alarm displays the reminder message you type
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Alarm Clock displays time, date and your reason for waking up. This is especially useful if waking at a time earlier than normal - you are reminded why the alarm is set early. Consequently, you are more likely to remain awake instead of re-setting the alarm to your normal waking time.
robearz, Aug 02 2000

Voice Recorder Alarm Clock http://www.brooksto...duct.asp?sku=356600
Includes bonus picture frame, so you can insert a picture of the place you've got to go to! [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]

Online Alarm Clock http://onlineclock.net
OnlineClock.net is a free online alarm clock you can use in any web browser. Try it out if you need to set an alarm or a reminder. [friendlybaker, Aug 10 2008]


       Actually it would be more fun if the clock actually determined your reason for getting up. Say, on Monday it says; "Get your ass out of bed, because it will annoy the hell out of the guy in the next cubicle."
yakyak, Aug 06 2000

       a visual reminder in the morning would not be effective like an audible reminder that you prerecord the night before would be.   

       simply record your message, i.e. "job interview this morning, get up!" and sleep easy knowing that you will be reminded by no. 1 about your important events.
froeset, Apr 24 2002

       If we're going for audio, that's baked--I have a clock-radio I can set on "tape" setting, so it'll play the cassette when it activates. All I have to do is set it to do so.   

       I like the idea of writing on principle, but I fear it wouldn't work for me--I'm dreadfully nearsighted, and so wouldn't be able to read it until I was awake enough to find my spectacles, anyhow.
Urania, Apr 24 2002

       Hmm, what about losers like me who never have anything exciting happen to them in the moring? All my messages would be like: "Get up, you have another boring class."
GuyWithAPointyStick, Mar 20 2003

       My phone (Nokia 8387218649063621089 or something) has a reminder function to set an alarm for a date/time with a written message - i.e. appointment at sexual health clinic, weep over state of the world today, have a sandwich! etc).
sambwiches, Mar 20 2003

       Baked. [link]
Cedar Park, Mar 20 2003


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