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Drink Additive Detector

Small reactive strip that changes color in the presence of a drug when dipped in drink
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They say never to accept a drink from someone else, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Also, scarily, sometimes the bartender's in on it...so a drink tester, small and discreet, could tell for sure if your date's trying to drug you. Would also be helpful for spies and assassination-wary world leaders.
naveline, Jul 15 2000


       Good one. Could have a variety of detectors on the same stick, sensitive to everything from powerful tranquilisers to aspartame and weedkiller. Alternatively just take a small gas chromatography machine with you.
Skinny Rob, Jul 20 2000

       You know, if you were willing to order everclear (180+ proof ) and distilled water, this could probably be made to work. Probably even some vodkas and gins would be pure enough to test quickly. You'd have to cary around your own flavor packets, but I'm sure that could be made fashionable. (Carmen Miranda hats? Tang?)
tenhand, Sep 25 2000

       It is considered unladylike in Western Culture to ChemDip, instead point a gun at the would-be purchasers head and say "You drink it" while you have barkeep pour you another one. Fashionable and fun for all.
thumbwax, Sep 27 2000

       There's another market for this - the people who not only want to know if there's a drug in their drink, but also whether it's the one they paid for or not.
lobster, Aug 03 2001

       OffTopic here, but it would be handy for veg*ns who want to see if the food is actually vegetarian (rather than just not having meat in it).
Pallex, Aug 10 2001


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