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Drive Thru Urine Testing

self explanitory
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Step one: They bring a dog trained to find drugs and urine (so you don't cheat the test) to your car. If it finds nothing then you go to step two.

Step two: You are handed a sterile unopened cup from the next location.

Step three: From the semi-privacy of your car you fill the cup.

Step four: You deposit the cup into the cup depository and fill out your information with the help of a voice controlled computer. There will be a self washing help button with a live person to assist.

Those who fail step one or don't like the whole drive through idea can go into the facility and do this the old fashioned way.

Feasable? Yes. Fishboneable? Oh yeah.

sartep, May 03 2003


       It can work.
sartep, May 03 2003

       is this an IQ test?
po, May 03 2003

       Let me guess. You designed this idea with "the man on the go" in mind.
jurist, May 04 2003

       Are bikes allowed?
Veryverysmallrocks, May 04 2003

       Bikes would be preferable.
sartep, May 04 2003

       they had better give you something to catch the rest. I don't fancy driving while trying to hold the floodgates closed after half a pee.
stilgar, May 24 2005


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