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Drive-My-Car Service

"Take my car to location X"
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Ever driven somewhere and felt like taking another transport home? Ever driven somewhere and needed to send the car back so that your spouse or family member can use it? Need to send your car for repairs but just don't have the time? Need your car tomorrow but left it fifty miles away? Stuck forever in a traffic jam and feel like just walking away?

Welcome to Drive-My-Car Service. Just ring them up and they'll send someone for the keys. Tell them where and when you need the car to be, and they'll deliver it. You can also tell them to pass the keys to someone, or back to you.

baboo, Apr 01 2002


       I've often wanted something like this when I go hiking, to drive my car from the trail head to the end where I will emerge while I'm walking in between. There already exist "taxi" services that will meet you and drive you back to your car, but they're expensive (as I imagine the Drive-My-Car Service would be), and require you to exit the wilderness at a predetermined time.
beauxeault, Apr 01 2002

       Beep beep, beep beep, yeah.
waugsqueke, Apr 01 2002

pashute, Nov 02 2002

       There are well-baked services (links available on request) that connect people who want their car moved from one city to another and people who want to travel from one city to another. You drive someone else's car (or someone else drives your car) and there's some insurance in there and everyone's happy.   

       It seems you're thinking about shorter distances, but the concept is definitely there.
egnor, Nov 17 2002

       They do actually do this in NZ - have done for years. Costs about as much as a normal cab.
nickTaylor, Feb 25 2004

       Do it with a bike rack and an electric bike, so the (student) driver gets there and back.   

       Question: What happens if there's a car crash? How do you work out the insurance?
pashute, Feb 24 2011


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