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Fly like an eagle

new taxi service
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chopper lowers a rescue basket, hop in, get to the destination after they hoist you up. Then you pay a hefty fee but who cares, it was a kickass ride. Beats a limo.

Just made this idea because i hate traffic.

drummer37, Dec 24 2005


       Fly like a black hawk, perhaps?   

       Sorry, lame joke.
froglet, Dec 24 2005

       i already fly like an eagle on my chopper. its got three gears, one little wheel, one big, and a flag on a bamboo cane gaffered onto the frame.
rainbow, Dec 25 2005

       Trump's got one of these dud'n he?   

       Kinda hard to stick a leg... er... thumb out to hail one, though, and cell phone use in the cockpit is very tricky to do legally. So, everybody carries a transponder with them? But really - THAT'S how i want to pick up my prom date!
roleohibachi, Dec 25 2005

       tell me about it.
drummer37, Dec 25 2005

       I'd totally pay for it. Of course I'd have to save for a few months.   

       I can imagine using this right after coming out a football/baseball stadium. Thousands of people would be talking about me for days! Well at least until the novelty wore off.
chime, Dec 25 2005

       Sounds like something that happens in the movies - you dial for the helicopter to pick you up anytime, anyplace...
froglet, Dec 26 2005

       /I'd totally pay for it/   

       Indeed. This is what we call a "transaction".   

       /Thousands of people would be talking about me for days/   

       They would just assume that you had had a heart attack. Although I guess a big smile and double thumbs up on your part might allay their concerns.
Texticle, Dec 27 2005


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