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Drive-thru salad bar

Rabbit food on the go
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When you have a hankering for a salad, why must you enter a restaurant for a salad bar a lose the convience of the drive-thru? Now salad eaters can eat on the go like the rest of us!

Imagine a large, enclosed salad bar case attached to the outside of the restaurant just after the drive up window. You place your arms into large gloves like the ones used when handling radioactive chemicals.

You pick up a salad bowl from within the case, and use various sets of gloves to access the salad ingredients. At the end, you place the bowl through a carousel door to retrieve the end prodcut -- presto!

vangoogle, Nov 29 2002


       although it is a neat idea, the number of slow, indecisive people I've been behind at salad bars makes me worry about speed of service.
rbl, Nov 29 2002

       I vote no on this one.   

       I'm one of those slow, indecisive people. Because I often make two or three passes getting it all just right, this concept wouldn't work for me. For one thing, I like to put down the lettuce and artichoke hearts first and then toss the dressing into the salad before going back and adding the other things.   

       Another thing: I think the temptation would be strong for pranksters to put horrid stuff in the gloves for the next person to stick their hands in to. The threat of that alone probably is enough to kill this concept in the real marketplace.   

       And another thing: I think the dexterity limitations presented by gloves sufficiently thick to be durable would present serious challenges to people leaning out of their car window trying to build a salad and also result in a lot of spillage of salad ingredients inside the cabinet.   

       One last thing: who would eat a salad while driving?
bristolz, Nov 29 2002

       It's not salads vs. meat -- you can get premade salads at any number of drive-through locations. It's about self-assembly vs. not -- there aren't many drive-through Mongolian barbecue places either.   

       So why not? Well, duh. It's slow and people have to somehow manipulate the stuff from their car and you have to expose it to the elements and so on.   

       Now, I will grant that while salads are available at a drive-through they're not usually very good. Maybe a drive-through place that had nothing but a variety of salad choices would work out. But there's a lot of stuff that's underrepresented for drive-through...
egnor, Nov 29 2002

       bz, it never ever occurred to me, how would you eat a salad while driving? it would have to be a soft taco salad bar. While I am not slow and indecisive, I would be doing rounds through the drive thru to get multiple helpings of jello.
rbl, Nov 29 2002

       hmm.. I guess if your foot slipped off the brake while your arms were in the gloves, you might be able to tear your arms off.   

       That might make the hot coffee lawsuit at McDonalds look like small claims court. :(
vangoogle, Nov 30 2002

       It would work if the place sold only salads, and had all potential salad ingredients listed on the order board ouside, that way you could just ask for them in any particular order and amount. Of course you would still have the "I said NO onions!" problem.   

       /hmm.. I guess if your foot slipped off the brake while your arms were in the gloves, you might be able to tear your arms off. /   

       Or you could put it in Park. You know, like it says to do in the owner's manual.
egbert, Dec 01 2002


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