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Drive-in IMAX Theatre

Stack the cars
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In a multi-level structure, stack the cars four or five high, one row of cars per level, with each level several feet behind the level below, to allow for visibility. Massive screen... What an experience!
globaltourniquet, Jul 02 2001


       (best in a convertible)
globaltourniquet, Jul 02 2001

       What if car has a long hood? Would they get dibs on bottom spaces?
thumbwax, Jul 02 2001

       The admission price would be insanely high.
yoda_is_stoned, Jul 02 2001

       Uh... er... what you mean waug? This _would_ be an "actual" IMAX theatre. One you could drive into...
globaltourniquet, Jul 03 2001

       Worst IMAX movie ever: "Big Trees".
The Military, Jul 04 2001

       Sure, the screen's big, but what are you going to do about sound? The speaker-in-the-window thing just won't cut it.
bookworm, Jul 05 2001


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