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Drive-Thru Theaters for Bad Movies

You know it's a bomb, so you just keep driving.
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At last---a justification for Madonna's acting career.
Ander, Sep 09 2000

Climax Gentleman's Club in Pittsburgh, PA http://www.thepitts...0000602-003244.html
A drive-thru strip club. [dgeiser13, Sep 09 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Again, why? If you know it's a bomb, why spend the money?
StarChaser, Sep 09 2000

       I think this idea would work better if a big sheet dropped from above and covered your car so you could make out and not have to listen to the movie.
Surfin420, Sep 09 2000

       starchaser, some movies that we all know are going to suck but we're still going to see always exist, especially if George Lucas keeps making movies. I see the drive thru theater would have been a perfect venue for The Phantom Menace.
raisin, Sep 27 2000

       Ol' George, only movie of his I ever watched was THX1138-Several times in 70s-even skipped school. Try as I might, Star Wars couldn't hold my interest for 5 minutes. I'm not personally responsible for a dime of his wealth.
thumbwax, Sep 27 2000

       The Phantom Menace played in at least one drive-in around here. If you read Ander's suggestion it's for Drive-Thru theaters not Drive-In. Drive-Thru means you just keep on going.
dgeiser13, Sep 27 2000

       The current double feature would be "Duets" with "Where the Heart Is." I haven't seen "Dancer in the Dark," but the trailers tell me it might be on the next bill, Cannes or no Cannes.
BobStCul, Oct 12 2000

       Re Madonna's acting career: I recently saw "Evita" and thought it would be a good Drive-Thru candidate--but not because of her. She got to sing two songs, which were pretty good, but you had to sit through two hours of the history of Argentina in recitative to get to them. People actually paid good money to watch that crap on Broadway--and with only one recognizable song (the other was only in the film)?
BobStCul, Oct 12 2000

       We who, Raisin? If I know it's going to suck, I just don't go. I borrowed the phantom marketing from someone else.
StarChaser, Oct 13 2000

       StarChaser: We can't ALWAYS be serious.
Ander, Oct 13 2000


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