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Geotagged plants
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"Plants" - maybe marijuana, or coffee - are planted in areas where they will have a low chance of being discovered if left to grow on their own. The coordinates to the locations of the plants as well as the duration that they will be ripe for are sold on-line or posted as some kind of scavenger hunt or riddle that leads the player/buyer to them.
jpskiier, Mar 24 2013


       If we ever get away from monocultures, there might be some benefit to this kind of mapping. If you had different varieties of bananas or grapes mixed with different varieties you might harvest them as kind of a scavenger hunt. The same might be true of small gardens. You might have ten orchards with ten pear trees in each.
crok, Mar 24 2013

       Something about GPS enabled facial hair?
ytk, Mar 24 2013

       Nice idea, but I think it should be "GeoStash" or "GeoCache". "GeoStache" suggests some massive geoengineering project to make the Earth look like the Pringles man when viewed from space. Which might not be a bad idea if we're ever faced with alien invasion.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 24 2013

       <Obligatory WIFRT> I misread it as //geotagged pants// and wondered what kind of person needs a GPS to locate their clothing.   

       Then I decided I didn't really want to know what kind of person needs a GPS to locate their clothing.
Canuck, Mar 24 2013

       Maybe this would be a good way to raise soybeans which may or may not carry Monsanto-patented genetic material.
lurch, Mar 24 2013


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