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Driver voting system

Drivers suspend licenses of unsafe drivers
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There are too many horrible drivers on the road today. Everybody on the road who is driving unsafely should be held accountable for it, even if they stay within the confines of the law. This can be achieved by the driving voting system (DVS). Wireless internet is already widely available and is sure to become more common, and it won't be too long before computers with internet access are placed in cars. The DVS is a system where people can place votes on the driving behaviour of other cars. People can key in a license plate number and select whether the car they are voting on is driven by a good driver or a poor driver. These votes are not done regularly, just when a driver really angers someone, or does a great job avoiding a collision or something. Gradually, as the database increases, certain problem cars will become obvious. Once a car reaches 10 negative votes, the vehicle owners license is suspended for a month, or something in that area. If a car gets 10 positive votes, its insurance rates go down. Everyone on the highway is resposnible for each others safety through their own actions. It is only fair that the public have a say about those that jeopardize this safety. There are still problems with this idea, such as how to protect cars which are being targeted by a group of people with a personal prejudice against the owner, or how to ensure that the bad driver actually owns the car, and finally to ensure that the person keying in the license plate doesn't become a dangerous driver due to the fact that they are too busy voting on others. However, if implemented I think it would drastically decrease the number of dangerous drivers through the knowledge that they need to behave responsibly. It would also reduce road rage incidents by allowing the angered drivers to vent their feelings through the placing of a "poor driver" vote.
murphy, Jul 05 2002

car: rating a driver http://www.halfbake...Rating_20A_20Driver
[phoenix, Jul 05 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Dummy Zapper http://www.halfbake...idea/Dummy_20Zapper
"New gadget that lets you "shoot" a beam of light at the license plate of a bad driver (for example). The driver's plate number then is accessed at a website and a comment is stored along with it. Ideally it could even be a kind of "incident report" with comments from the user who zapped them." [phoenix, Jul 05 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Maybe a digital camera mounted in your grille, with the button on the horn part of the steering wheel. When you honk, it takes a picture, which could then be transmitted via your "widely available" wireless internet. Alternatively, the driver could post the picture on the DVS website, where software would match the offender's licence plate with prior convictions, etc.   

       There are scads of problems, as you point out. But at least it's an idea, with a point.
Matty, Jul 05 2002

       Alas, while you came close you didn't quite make the proper catagory (see link).   

       Also, since every idea you've posted is Baked or HalfBaked already, I'm going to suggest you search before posting. Welcome to the HalfBakery.
phoenix, Jul 05 2002

       funny idea You could use it to get people who pick their nose at the lights. ...people who go too slow....people who don't look in their rear-view mirrors......people who look like people you don't like......people who go too fast...........   

       And while they're at home, having lost their job, because they've lost their license, you could re-educate them....by driving to their house and having a cup of coffe and a chat. You could impart your warm woolen attitudes to them. Impress upon them the need for virtuous living. And then, drive off, quite safely of course. mmmm warm and/or wooley
peter2, Apr 28 2003


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