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On Car Warnings

Warn other drivers of past offenses
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So you only hit a **couple** of cars on your last DUI. Or you only run red lights when you're late and there isn't anyone 'coming'.

Make traffic offenders put a taxi-like display on top of their car, like driver's ed 'Student Driver' cars. That way other drivers can watch out and help correct the troubled drivers among us, and the police get a little heads-up.

Bcrosby, Jul 02 2008

Prior art http://mig3.sovietw....com/mig3/Cobra.jpg
[calum, Jul 02 2008]


       [+] But bunned in Phoenix (and elsewhere) by several judges but the subsequent lawsuits and publicity mostly stopped the practice. However, the various policing agencies do put up web pages with pictures. Publicity does work. One publicity hound is Sheriff Joe Arpaio.   

       Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Arizona Maricopa County Sheriff's Office) takes obvious joy in putting inmates in tents (summers ~ 110°F/43°C) and forced to wear old-fashioned prison stripes and pink underwear. Some of the inmates actually like the outdoors.   

       Of interest politically, he instructed his deputies and members of his civilian posse to arrest illegal aliens (a serious issue in Arizona) and instead of turning them over to federal authorities (i.e. free ride home to Mexico), they get to stay… in tents.   

       The liberal’s hate him and the conservatives love him. There are not too many people who are neutral. However, he has the nation’s largest volunteer posse and he has been reelected to an unprecedented four 4-year terms.   

       In Arizona, the sheriff enjoys a substantial degree of popularity for actually enforcing laws even though his office has been sued multiple times and ‘His practices have been harshly criticized by organizations such as Amnesty International, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Arizona Ecumenical Council, the American Jewish Committee, and the Arizona chapter of the Anti-Defamation League.’ [Wikipedia]   

       BTW, the pink underwear is a hot seller for a $10 donation (last reported $400,000US).
CwP, Jul 02 2008

       What about taxicabs themselves (which are often the biggest offenders?) I guess you could pile up the taxi tents on top of them. Drivers with many violations might have a stack of 10 of them on their roof :)
phundug, Jul 02 2008

       On Car Warnings - example:
Warning - This Is A Car!
xenzag, Jul 02 2008

       "Contains nuts"
coprocephalous, Jul 02 2008


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