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Drone-catching drone

Another way to take down rogue drones
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It's a bigger drone, probably fixed-wing, that catches drones that fly where they shouldn't. First, it carries a passive radar receiver, to receive the reflections of a ground-based radar's beam from the offending drone (which should be easier the closer the receiver is to the target). It has a grabber to grab onto it, and motorized spinny notched things that sync up with its rotors/propellers (by stroboscopy), grab them in their notches, and bring them to a stop. Then the drone-grabbing drone can bring the rogue drone down for a safe landing. If designed with sufficient adaptability, it should be effective against fixed-wing and rotary-wing drones of all kinds, up to a certain size.

N/A [2018-12-30]

notexactly, Dec 30 2018

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not_morrison_rm, Dec 30 2018

       But what if the drone has a drone catching drone catcher?
sninctown, Dec 31 2018

       Obviously, you then deploy the drone catching drone catching drone catching drone.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 31 2018


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