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Software development student. (Not primarily to lead to a software development career, though I may do that for a while, but to be a better inventor in a world where everything involves, or just is, software.)

Member (and currently volunteering as a director) of Protospace, Calgary's most existent makerspace.

Elsewhere online I'm mostly known as [PointyOintment]. I briefly considered requesting a change to that here, but then I could get mixed up with [po].

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I try to keep my idea titles to four or fewer major words when reasonably possible, because I largely agree with [blissmiss]'s short title philosophy. Ideas I posted before I started that still have their longer titles.

I keep a list in Evernote of ideas to post here. Whenever I post an idea here, I add at the bottom of the idea body a line of the format "X/Y [Z]", where X is how many ideas from my list I've posted (including the current idea), Y is the total number of ideas on my list on the day of posting, and Z is either the date I thought up that idea or the date I added that idea to my list. (I started recording these dates on my list on 2017-10-02.) This is to facilitate analysis of my progress in posting my ideas, by myself or anyone else who cares to (probably nobody). "n/a" means I posted the idea here without putting it on my list first—this is usually the same day or close to it.

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List of favorite ideas of my own (of those posted so far), as [2fries] might have suggested we do:

1. Give Wild Elephants Smartphones

2. Resilient Wi-Fi Mesh Network

3. AED Launcher

4. Cloud-based mosquito killer application

5. Bug fix commitment

6. Social syuzhet study

7. Inkjet–laser hybrid printer

8. Immortal fluorescent lamp

9. Tetherbullet

10. Printed/patterned seatbelts

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List of favorite ideas posted by others, started 2017-04-13:

• Joint Parade Logical Operator Convention [hippo] -(mainly for the interesting discussion)- http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Joint_20Parade_20Logical_20Operator_20Convention (added 2017-04-13)

• MWI Tech [beanangel] -(for, e.g. "The MWI solves most ethics problems")- http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/MWI_20Tech (added 2018-04-19)

• How To Think [Ian Tindale] -(because thinking modalities is a pet subject of mine, and the idea and on-topic discussion are pretty interesting)- https://www.halfbakery.com/idea/How_20To_20Think (added 2018-01-17)

• Bussard Centrifuge [MisterQED] https://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Bussard_20Centrifuge (added 2019-03-11)

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List of ideas that aren't necessarily my favorites, but to which I want to keep handy links:

• Idea Dough Garage Swap [FarmerJohn] -(trade nascent ideas)- http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Idea_20Dough_20Garage_20Swap (added 2018-02-10)

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Favorite quotations from other halfbakers:

• "Sometimes I wonder why I don’t wonder whether I should ask how I know it’s me thinking." — Ian Tindale, Jan 19 2019 (at https://www.halfbakery.com/idea/How_20To_20Think)

[Mar 31 2009, last modified Mar 11 2019]

(+8, -3) Adaptive airplane seating and airfare
 Add sparklines to news stories
(+5) AED Launcher
(+1) Aerial/satellite road dip/bump detection
(+2) AI recipe generator app
 Air film bearing turntable
(+3) Airbag missile
 American presidential race-inspired legislative system
(+7) Animatronic Zeus
 Annotation delayer
 Are Canadians unconsciously biased against people named Harris?
 artificial floating safe Nevaeh
(-1) Asymmetric ball-bearing races
(+5) Automatic door with small sections that open separately & only as far as needed
 Autonomous self-driving bicycle
(+2) Bee Communicator 2
(+2) Belly slam airplane
 Better breaks for nonsmokers
 Black-/white-bulb thermometers
(+3) Blamjet
(+1) Breathing exercise
(+8)(+8) Broken screen accommodation
(+4) Bug fix commitment
(+6, -1) Burqa-like garment for job interviews
(+2) Butt anti-plug
(+1) Care labels on the outside
(+1) Causeplay
(+5) Circle and sphere
(+3) Circular/cylindrical/conveyorbeltlike continuous circulating-condensant cryopump
(+2, -1) Clarus the Dogcow music robot
(+1) Cloud-based mosquito killer application
(+1) Coin-operated astronomical telescope
(+4) Commuter train condensation
(+4, -1) Crossword battle
(+1) Cryptocurrency-based enforcement of fair work sharing
(+1) Cylindrical volumetric display
 Daisy-chainable/-treeable USB peripherals
 Database of all programming languages
(+2) DC-capable audio tape player
(-1) De-/re-fenestrating drone
(+3) Deliberate flare satellites
(+1) Depsafesp
 Desoldering wick cutter
 Differential solubility vacuum pump
(+1) Dirt-detecting slippers
(+1) Displosable cutlery & other products
(+2) Dog window control panel
 Drone-catching drone
(+3) Dropbed
(+1) Dry cryogenic overclocking box
(+3) Easy-open fridge door
(-2) Electromagnetic bullet shield
(+2) Energetically favorable knife (very bad idea)
(+3) Error messages as letters on paper on screen by robot arm
 Externalistic anti-reflective windshield
(+2) Föhn wind photo naming shibboleth
(+2) Face-recognizing wind chimes
(+2, -1) False social proof for handwashing
(+3) Fan-aiming flashlight
 Fan-aiming flashlight 2
(+1) Fish for Plastic II
 Flip-CPU motherboards
 Fluctuating eating speed restaurant
 Flying cheese factory
(+2) Folk songs against censorship
(+2) Fountain elevator
(+4) Fun Fact Coins
(+6) Gas giant dipper
(+2) Gentle Satellite Recovery Tubes
(+2) Germophobia certification
 Gesture for "I wonder what that sound is but it isn't bothering me"
(+3) Give Wild Elephants Smartphones
(+6) Graceful failure rating scheme
(+1, -2) Grey aliens are time-traveling genetically modified humans
 Hair-in-butt preventer
 Halfbakery Galaxy Nexus Android Ice Cream Sandwich Guinea Pig Game
(+4) Hammerknife
(+1) Hand-cranked butt wiper
 Hand in Hand Clock/Turntable (SCARA don'tturntable)
(+3) Head-mounted book scanner
(+3) Immortal fluorescent lamp
 Inkjet–laser hybrid printer
(+1) Inventionizer (a website)
(+1) Jet Plunger
(+2) Lapel Pin
 Large diaphragm plunger
 Laser fence for dandelions
(+1) Less annoying desoldering wick
(+1) Let employees pay themselves
(+4) Locally-thermostatic heating wire
(+5) Loudspeaker plunger
(+2) Magnetized coins
(+1) Memorably named electricities
(+2) Meteor(ite) Science Ballistic Missile
 Microwave cooking pot
(+3) Microwave glassblowing furnace
 Microwave/laser oven for pizza
(+1) Microwave pressure and slow cookers
 Microwave stirrer add-ons
(+2) Model aircraft airbags
 Modular Microwave Powerpack
 Modular tool battery charger wall
(+7) More efficient pot/pan bottom for gas stoves
(+1) More frequent microwave ovens
 Mouse Mite
(+2) Move Christmas to every day
(+2) Multilingual Telephone
(+1) Mushroom-shaped space probes
(+3) musiclock
(+2, -1) New way of pronouncing 'Uranus'
(+7, -4) Officially don't recognize the existence of terrorism
(+2) Organized Adult Professional Smelling Bees
(+1) osmoperiscope
(-4) Pay politicians proportionally to their approval ratings
(+4) Peristaltic one-way light valve
 Phone vibrates during password entry
(+7) Plunger drowner
(+4, -2) Prevent accidental deletion of others' annotations
(+6) Printed/patterned seatbelts
(+4) Pro-GMO food labeling
 Product: Spying Device (and/or other espionage categories)
(+1) Product-stacking ceiling robot
(+3) Refreshotelinder
(+1) Remote thermoelectric cooler/generator
(+2) Remotely aimable fan
(+2) Resilient Wi-Fi Mesh Network
(+1) Roll Up the Perforated Rim
 Rotary fan base
(+2) Science: Spacecraft: Probe, or Science: Space: Planets
(+6) Secretly scanning shredder
(+3) Semi-Airborne Airport
 Shoes with built-in activated carbon
(+1) silicon laptops
(+2) Smart ventilated headphones
(+3) Smartphone-facilitated human compass study
(+1) smokescreen
(+2) Social network for doorbells
(+4) Social syuzhet study
 Sock hole detector
(+1) Soliton solenoid? Solenoid soliton?
(+1) Sonar toilet clog analysis
 Song-recognizing-and-canceling camera
(+1) Song-recognizing-and-canceling headphones
(+1) Sound-rectifying cooling earbuds
(-1) Soup stock K-cups or competitors
(+2) Special credit cards for pentesters
(+1) Sportures
(-1) Spotify native artist blocking
 Standalone compressed air speaker
 Standard Magnetospheric and Occultation Orbiters
(+3) Suction cup bike lock
(+1) Switl external airbag
(+1) Table Music
(+1) Tealight fire tornado candleholder
(+3) Temperature regulated faucet device
(+1) Tetherbullet
(+5) Thermite rocket plunger
(+1) Thermometric earbuds
(+3) Topic-blocking headphones
(+1) Transparent VR goggles
(+2) Unfindable Idea
 Vacuum-cleanable case fan with generation-activated brake
 Viral vaccinations
(+3) Wave Escalator
(+6) Whole-ship life raft
 Wide-format laser/LED printer
(+5) Wind turbine tower housing
(+1) Yonic spacecraft

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