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Drop Inn

checking out before checking in
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“This one looks good, Harv. ‘Floating in weightless splendor on inflatable armchairs, sofa and bed, bobbing on the gentle waves, your thoughts turn passionate. The Pool Room sets the stage for amorous…’”
“Shirley, you jest. What about the Wading Room? ‘The high ceiling and waist-high, rainbow trout-stocked water assure an ideal fishing honeymoon. Dressed in waders or barefoot to let the green mud ooze between your toes like worms escaping from an apple…’”
“Harvey! Yuck!”
“I made the last part up.”
“I’m sure the hotel has rooms we’d both enjoy, like this scuba suite, rented by the hour, 'in wet suit, dry suit, swim suit or au naturelle, our guests glide from room to room, switching air tubes as they go, reliving the peacefulness of fetal floating. With wide eyes framed by the diving mask and ascending bubbles filled with enthused shouts…’”
“You can’t be serious, Shirley. Wait, here we go. Check out this Rain Room. ‘Warming spray comes from all directions. Jungle ferns, tropical flowers and the dusky lighting all contribute to a wet, erotic atmosphere. Shedding your rainwear, you’ll soon be rolling in the moist moss, mist-beaded arms embracing slippery…’ Well, maybe not”
“Oh Harv, you’re such a closet romantic! Let’s check in now and get soaked.”
FarmerJohn, Oct 12 2003

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       I'd be worried about trench foot. Can those misters spray baby oil instead? Maybe jello instead of knee-high water? How do you use the toilet?
phoenix, Oct 12 2003

       Marketing hype can't save a soggy idea.
FarmerJohn, Oct 12 2003

       Actually, a clearer descrption might help - took me a while to figure out this is some kind of indoor swamp hotel. Which I'm all in favor of.
DrCurry, Oct 12 2003

       The Dew Drop Inn ?
popbottle, Jul 01 2014

       //some kind of indoor swamp hotel// Given the Summary, I'd guess [FJ] had found a corpse in a bog.
FlyingToaster, Jul 01 2014


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