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Forgot Inn

"In the same state of decomposition since 1958!"
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A lone fast food wrapper flutters across the empty lot. A broken neon sign flickers on and off on top of its rusty pole, proclaiming the name of the establishment in square letters. You sidestep a fallen trashcan and walk into the Forgot Inn.

As you push the door aside on its squeaky hinge, a blast of moist air only two degrees colder then the outside climate rushes past you onto the scorching asphalt road.

You cross a sea of colorless shag carpeting to the reception desk, where oldies blare weakly from a beat-up radio, and see a bell on the counter with a watermarked label that says "ring me". When you follow this direction, a slightly chubby old woman grunts from the ladies room, then shuffles out with a scrap of toilet paper on her shoe. She waddles behind the desk and asks you for your name. 

Soon, you are situated in a room upstairs, which smells of mildew and disinfectant. You are happy to see a pair of mints laid out on your pillow, but when you swipe for them, melted chocolate smears onto the bed from the loose wrappers. Hungry, you wander back down to inquire about refreshments.

The old woman at the reception (whose nametag, you now notice, says "Loretta") beckons apathetically towards a pair of decaying vending machines lined up next to the cracked and peeling wall. You put in a quarter and recieve a bag of chips of a brand discontinued during your childhood. When you ask Loretta about coffee, she grunts towards a small table where a pitcher sits next to a pile of sugar packets. Seeing it, you already know that the contents are cold.

Forgot Inn is a chain of motels who purport to be decaying and decrepit. Customers pay extra for the kitschy appeal. 

DrWorm, Oct 26 2009


       So...Howard Johnson's then?
phoenix, Oct 26 2009

       Not an uncommon experience by any means :S At least in these parts
vincevincevince, Oct 26 2009

       Sp: "decomposition"
kaz, Oct 26 2009

       Baked: Motel6
DIYMatt, Oct 26 2009

       Does Loretta keep her son's stuffed carcass in the fruit cellar, by any chance?
pertinax, Oct 26 2009

       yeah baked: would you like a list of fleabag motels that charge too much ?
FlyingToaster, Oct 26 2009

       I thought you meant the sugar packets were cold. Oh I get it now, errrmmm...no I don't.
blissmiss, Oct 26 2009

       Widely known to exist........ unfortunately.
8th of 7, Oct 26 2009

       Sounds like any place in Terre Haute, Indiana.
RayfordSteele, Oct 26 2009

       [note to self] When I get home, must try to find a link on YouTube where Alan Partridge has to phone the Travelodge Reception Desk to report that he's accidentally disassembled his Corby trouser-press.
zen_tom, Oct 26 2009

blissmiss, Oct 26 2009


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