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Drug Courier Drone

Precision Stealthy Delivery
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Why worry about the cops pulling you over and asking you to bend over for a cavity search? R/C courier drone delivery can get the contraband to the destination much more quickly, evading detection while bypassing conventional transport routes. Hey, if Amazon can do it, why can't other enterprising service providers follow suit?
sanman, Nov 29 2014

sorry...lithuanian mob smuggling cigarettes into russia with a drone http://motherboard....russia-with-a-drone
[not_morrison_rm, Nov 29 2014]


       Drones?Are you suggesting Scots used to smuggle contraband in a certain..musical instrument...that will remain unmentioned..   

       II would certainly keep any customs officers at bay....
not_morrison_rm, Nov 29 2014

       Depending on the drones payload seems like it would work pretty well. Just fly a few drones over the borders holding bricks.
Duck Lagrange, Dec 04 2014

       Or thousands of tiny drones each carying under a gram so that no one individual would get more than a ticket. And then a mother drone for refueling and navigation.
JesusHChrist, Dec 04 2014


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