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Exploding Drones Fireworks Shootout With Monetization

Audience shoots at drones with rifles, when hit they explode in glorious fireworks display.
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How do you pay for it? Charge $20 a shot. However many players line up, their platform lights up signaling that it's their turn to shoot, (30-6 maybe) if they miss, the next guy goes. First person to hit a drone gets 1- Cheers 2- A massive fireworks explosion and 3- All the money in the pot.

I'm hoping this becomes one of those twenty variations of the idea spawning things that happen here from time to time. Probably my favorite Halfbakery event.

doctorremulac3, Nov 05 2022

Shoot! The paintball thing's been done. https://www.youtube...watch?v=vICfKPoCubw
Never mind poc. Great idea anyway. [doctorremulac3, Nov 05 2022]

Big Sandy Shoot https://bigsandyshoot.com/faq/
A shooting event including shooting down radio control drones and fireworks. No prize money though. [sninctown, Nov 05 2022]


       The drones carry paintball guns and shoot back
pocmloc, Nov 05 2022

       Oooh, I like that! Can just shoot paint balls at them as well.   

       Hey Poc, you should put that up. If paintball air to ground drone warfare isn't a thing it really should be. I would absolutely pay to do that.
doctorremulac3, Nov 05 2022

       Hmm, tried the link, dead on my end. Got another one?   

       Okay, looks like it's down. Google search showed it, went to the link it's not working. At least temporarily.   

       I'm thinking just using a balloon would be fun as well. Just have it further away to be challenging.
doctorremulac3, Nov 06 2022

       I would just once again like to remind folks that the people in Hong Kong were using laser pointers to fry the optics of militarized drones causing them to crash and that this isn't something "they" want us to know we can do and so our rights were stolen for years to make us forget this, and other things...   


       Back to you Phil.   


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