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Drum Stick Pant Hooks

Small hooks glued to the thighs of your trousers to stop drumsticks rolling off of your legs.
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I gig regularly as a drummer, therefore, a lot of my time is spent sat on a drum stool, adjusting various bits and bobs of my drumkit before I start playing. The problem is, there is nowhere for me to put my drumsticks. If I put them down on top of the kick drum, they roll off. If I put them on the floor, it means bending all the way down there, and with my back the way it is sometimes, that means trouble.

So I usually rest my drum sticks across my thighs, but they always end up rolling off onto the floor. My solution is to glue small plastic (or a more suitable material - suggestions please) hooks on either side of my trousers on the thighs. They will curve outward, facing the drum kit, so that I can lay the sticks across my legs without having them roll forward.

Annotations welcome - would velcro be a better idea than glue etc

spiritualized, Aug 21 2004

Stick Clip http://store.drumbum.com/skuA-28.html
Here's a version we didn't discuss. Looks like it could also be easily strapped to your pant leg, too. [jurist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       For a minute there I thought you were talking about chicken--that is, until I started to read the actual idea, and I wondered why in the world would someone want to hook chicken to their legs? Let me tell you, I had a ton of hilarious visions run through my mind in those few bewildering seconds.   

       Anyway, I have no ideas I can offer you besides gripping the sticks between your teeth while doing the other things you to. Velcro might work, too, as long as you have the softer part of it on the sticks for comfort purposes.
Machiavelli, Aug 21 2004

       A belt clip maybe? +
swimr, Aug 21 2004

       The amazing juggling drummer I saw on David Letterman last night held his drum sticks between his teeth. But judging from the state of my own sticks, it would probably be a bad idea to put them in my mouth.
spiritualized, Aug 21 2004

       How about a quiver (as in archery)? You could hang it (or several) on any convenient part of your kit, such as the high-hat stand.
bpilot, Aug 21 2004

       Beware of standing up, hooking your drums, sending all crashing to the floor!
omnicognic, Aug 21 2004

       The quiver suggestion seems eminently practical to me. But if you don't like that idea, why not just wear a wide elastic garter-type band around your calf or bicep and stuff the drumsticks there temporarily? I suppose you could even use an elastic headband and park them on your head, but that might look alternatively evil, satyrlike, martian, or just plain goofy.
jurist, Aug 21 2004

       Sorted out the link.   

       Contracts: some of my drummer friends have em too. Infact, it's probably more practical, but I've always thought "wow I could really do with some hooks on my legs right now" when I encounter this problem.
spiritualized, Aug 23 2004

       Wow, I just read bwv's anno... that is disgusting! I know a lot of drummers who are big enough to do the same thing, and coming to think of it, they probably do. It's just too bad I can't wedge a drum stick between my ribs :P
spiritualized, Aug 23 2004

       Sensible, low cost, good. But not, perhaps, as good as a forearm mounted Taxi Driver sliding ratchet drumstick delivery mechanism, which could definitely be dramatically deployed to devastating effect just at the far edge of the silence, a fraction before the DROP.
calum, Aug 23 2004

       Leave a couple of tuning keys on opposite pegs of one of your toms and rest the sticks there. Or get a stick bag like everyone else.
waugsqueke, Aug 23 2004


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