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Dive Shop Chimes

The sound of the sea.
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Anyone who has handled a scuba tank knows that they make a good sound when struck, especially if they don't have a bunch of rubber and stuff wrapped around them. Hung by the neck, a scuba tank makes a very nice and lasting ring. The ring is different before and after a dive, and so must be influenced by the density of the gas within.

I propose that all the tanks in a dive shop be hung up, then tuned by letting out varing amounts of air. They could then be played as giant chimes using mallets. You might need a team to cover the range of possible notes - not unlike a bell ringing team. This has long been a vision of mine, and for some reason the song is always "A Mighty Fortress".

bungston, Aug 31 2004

Wind Spirit Garden Bell http://shop.store.y...l/winspirgarbe.html
I have listened to these continue to resonate for over 5 minutes after being struck. Wonderful sound. [Klaatu, Oct 05 2004]


       Having bonged my tanks around many times, I know wherefore you speak. But I've never tried to tune them.   

       Can we make an adaptor so I can accompany the bell choir playing a wind instrument hooked up to a full tank ?   

       Old joke.....   

       "Doc, after the surgery, will I be able to play the piano ?"   

       " Of course you will ".   

       "That's great,'cause I could never play it before !"
normzone, Aug 31 2004

       I've seen a beautiful set of giant garden wind chimes made from hanging several (perhaps five) old oxy-acetylene tanks within a frame made of 8x8 timbers. The tanks were cut off at different lengths to produce different notes and hung by their neck hole with heavy chain. A large oaken clapper suspended from lightweight wire inside the tank softly gonged when the breeze played with the tail ornaments. The iron tanks were originally sand-blasted to provide a uniform surface, and then given a rustic weathered finish.   

       This is a bit less like a musical instrument than [bungston] described, but it was certainly a solemn and majestic (almost zen-like) statement in a meditative garden.
jurist, Aug 31 2004

       wow. jurist, that is awesome!
po, Aug 31 2004

       Would that be in Morro Bay?
thumbwax, Aug 31 2004

       The specific set I saw was installed in a sculptor friend's cliffside garden overlooking the Pacific near Bandon, Oregon. But it could just as easily have been Morro Bay. I'm sure the idea is not unique, though I had difficulty finding a Google image to illustrate my description.
jurist, Aug 31 2004

       [bungston], how very 'Blue Man Group' of you. [+]
contracts, Aug 31 2004

       S.C.O.B.A: Self Contained, Outa Water Bonging Aperatus. (+)   

       // the sound of the sea//   

       This idea is great, but I don't think it would be nearly as fascinating as the real sound of the ocean.
Pericles, Sep 01 2004

       shouldn't they be enormous seashells?
po, Sep 01 2004

       Pondering again this hoary idea. If tanks were at the bottom of a V suspended by 2 supports they could be like those desktop toys where a ball pulled back and let swing impacts others in the row such that the last ball swings out, and then back repeating the sequence.   

       But this would make noise: an arpeggio, then reversed, and back and forth quieter and quieter.
bungston, Jan 17 2017


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