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Gas Mask Olympics

run the Olympic Games wearing gas masks
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It looks increasingly likely that the Olympic Games will be cancelled. This is a real shame given the amount of preparation that the athletes, along with the host nation Japan have invested in the event. This is of course due to concerns over the spread of Corona virus.

My proposal is therefore to run the games, only to have all of the athletes wearing protective gas masks.

Naturally the spectators will also require similar attire. As everyone is wearing the same impeding apparatus, no athlete will be at any disadvantage over any other.

xenzag, Mar 09 2020

Standard diving dress https://en.wikipedi...andard_diving_dress
A bit less versatile than the usual budgie-smugglers ... [8th of 7, Mar 09 2020]

Bomb suit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bomb_suit
What the mad people are wearing this season ... [8th of 7, Mar 09 2020]

Safe World Safe_20World
Ideal Olympic venue ... [8th of 7, Mar 09 2020]


       In both World Wars, servicemen in training were frequently required to perform day-to-day activities for long periods while wearing respirators - so why not ?   

8th of 7, Mar 09 2020

       This will be too dangerous in the case of many activities, both from oxygen deprivation and because it will make athletes misjudge distances. We don't want our gymnasts, sprinters, and vaulters to be injured. Or at least I don't want that.
Voice, Mar 09 2020

       Shut up. You're a lone [Voice], crying in the wilderness .. 99% or more of the audience are there to watch the athletes screw up and get hurt.
8th of 7, Mar 09 2020

       //from oxygen deprivation and because it will make athletes misjudge distances.// ha - First of all, if gulping down huge volumes of oxygen is required, then oxygen tanks can be worn. No such oxygen gulping took place at the Mexico Olympics, despite the altitude of 7,349 feet - all competitors suffered equally.   

       Meanwhile, boxers bash each other's heads in and in other combatitive sports, the objective is to hurt the other person making them give up, so injuries are part of several events.
xenzag, Mar 09 2020

       I think it would be better if they had to wear a full protective suit. All of it. Gloves, gowns, booties, you name it. Try running a 50-yard sprint with all that who-ha on.
blissmiss, Mar 09 2020

       You would be amazed. A yell of "INCOMING !" or "IT's TICKING !" can elicit quite extraordinary feats of athleticism, even in the most encumbering of protective clothing ...
8th of 7, Mar 09 2020

       Very much looking forward to the swimming
calum, Mar 09 2020

       SCUBA, of course.   

       For more of a challenge, high diving would be undertaken in Standard Diving Dress ...   

8th of 7, Mar 09 2020

       You'll raise their terminal velocity, but buffer and smooth the landing. I think it would come out about the same. Wouldn't the terminal velocity delta be about the same?
Voice, Mar 09 2020

       There will be a bit more air resistance; but the mass of the helmet, boots and weightbelt will tend to more than compensate for that - going to be about 15kg at least.   

       Then again, the drop's only 10m or so; the difference in terminal <sniggering/> velocity won't be that great.   

       You will need to carefully brief your team tasked with paying out the air hose, however. Any mismatch between hose length and diver's altitude - erring on the short side - could have ... unfortunate consequences. Something of a Highlander moment.
8th of 7, Mar 09 2020

       Very glad. Very glad.
blissmiss, Mar 09 2020

       // I haven't had to wear that suit //   

       You think NBC is bad ? Try <link> ...   

       This idea could be expanded into "PPE Olympics" or even "Health & Safety Olympics" ....   


       ... and we have the ideal venue ... <link>
8th of 7, Mar 09 2020

       "Wear your Kevlar with pride" ...?
8th of 7, Mar 09 2020


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