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Drunk Guy sphericon toy

toy shaped like a stick figure that rolls like a sphericon
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The edges of this toy are the same as the edges of a sphericon but the connecting part is shaped like a human figure -- so one edge is the right arm and leg and the other edge is the left arm and leg. (See picture at link). I made one with little shoes on each foot and upsidedown beer glasses in each hand but it wouldn't roll.
JesusHChrist, Feb 17 2005

See picture entitled "guy" http://patricktimon...aven.com/photo.html
the ball is supposed to be the head -- ok he looks more like a bat than a drunk guy [JesusHChrist, Feb 17 2005]

A quilt pattern called "Drunkard's Path" http://www.womenfol..._history/drpath.jpg
Not that different from a sphericon [robinism, Feb 17 2005]

Sphericon Dog Ball http://shop.store.y...ff-toys-rubber.html
Dog toy that is oddly named a sphericon but shaped like a football [JesusHChrist, Feb 18 2005]


       Not a Pet: Transportation idea. (Wrong category)
DesertFox, Feb 17 2005

       That's really very nice.
wagster, Feb 17 2005

       Thank you [wagster]. I have a great idea for human powered flight as long as your buying.
JesusHChrist, Feb 17 2005


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