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Little Whipsnapper

action doll for big girls
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These foot-long dolls have the faces and bodies of such heart throbs as Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Russell Crowe with only a tiny towel covering their loins. Under the brawny exterior are hidden powerful springs, gears and levers and a jointed, agile right arm.

By gripping the legs and pressing the ‘trigger’ the Little Whipsnapper comes into action, grabbing the velcroed corner of the handkerchief size towel and stripping it off, twirling it tight with a circular motion of the right hand and then drawing it through the left hand at high speed to flick it with a snap.

Enjoy hours of fun dressing your idol, stinging ladies in the shower after yoga, snapping a napping couch potato or dueling dolls one on one in auto-mode. Later spend a gentle interlude massaging its sore shoulders and treating stung skin on its teeny tight buns

FarmerJohn, Nov 19 2004


       This 'trigger' you mention...
hippo, Nov 19 2004

       ...Oh, I see - you thought the 'trigger' ... uh huh ...
FarmerJohn, Nov 19 2004


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