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Dual-Input Thesaurus

Use two inputs to steer a thesaurus more accurately
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Sometimes when an electronic thesaurus is consulted, one input word is not sufficient to convey a "thought" to the retrieval system. If the user knew how to concisely convey their intended meaning in one word, the word retrieval system would be useless.

Proposed is a thesaurus that takes as an input a short series of related words (as in a hendiadys or hendiatris). Words entered into the system database would first be scored according to their relationship with related words. Existing thesaurus systems may be useful for an initial build, but this additional scoring system would add accuracy in the match. Results would be matched against all of the inputs for a best match.

kevinthenerd, Jul 01 2013


       I find google to be the best thesaurus. You write a few words, and it complete's your thought.   

       So what's needed is new type of google, that shows you related searches, next to the actual results.
pashute, Jul 01 2013

       I'd prefer a Google that shows you the actual results instead of the obscurely related and usually non-sequitur results it currently shows.
FlyingToaster, Jul 01 2013

       Could this be theremin-like? The first word describes the concept and the second word describes the intensity.   

       E.g. "happy" + "slightly" = pleased, satisfied, content, amused, comfortable   

       "happy" + "extremely" = delighted, ecstatic, euphoric, on air, orgasmic
phundug, Jul 01 2013


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