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Dual-format CD/vinyl single

CD on one side, vinyl on the other
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This seems so obvious - I can't understand why it's not already done. CD music singles should be readable as CDs on one side and as vinyl records on the other.

Empower the consumer by allowing them to make the choice of music reproduction technology when they get home! Surely this would be a small price to pay for doubling the production costs.
hippo, May 23 2005

MultiFormat CD MultiFormat_20CD
Here we go. A more ambitious (and therefore less practical) post by quarterbaker. [st3f, May 23 2005]

DIY Gramaphone http://www.kempa.co...rchives/000716.html
Records and plays back, on materials such as CDs. [contracts, May 23 2005]

Baked! http://business.gua.../0,,2191129,00.html
Only two years after thought of it - "Rock band Fightstar is releasing its next single on a disc that is vinyl on one side and a CD on the other. Its record company Gut admits the vinyl-disc is a gimmick" [hippo, Oct 18 2007]


       Digitally encoded vinyl...
Adze, May 23 2005

       Yeah... I've thought about this one myself, most notably when a friend of mine set up a small record label in 1997 declaring that it would be vinyl only.   

       I think we've done this before, though...
st3f, May 23 2005

       I recently saw a DIY project somewhere for a machine that uses a paper cup and a tack to record on any circular plastic item. Should work for this idea. [Link]   

       [st3f], how's your friend's business doing?
contracts, May 23 2005

       Part of the raison d'etre of CD is to capitalise on the huge profit margin resulting from the high perceived quality (thus high market price) and the extremely small marginal production costs. This would be seriously compromised by including the perceived low quality and relatively high marginal production cost of vinyl, explaining, I think, why it's not already done.
angel, May 23 2005

       Without adapting the CD, I'm not sure how well that machine would record on the varnish side of a CD (the label side), and whether it would damage the CD by doing so.   

       You could record a short track on the plastic side, though. If it were short enough the CD data and the 'vinyl' track could co-exist, so long as they didn't overlap.   

       I think that easy!tiger records was always more of a labour of love than a business. I'm not sure what it's doing, but Andy is still playing with 'Idiot Son' and 'Copenhagen', both of which gig (and I think release albums, and not just on vinyl) occasionally.
st3f, May 23 2005

       You'd have to print on the vinyl side.   

       //Its record company Gut admits the vinyl-disc is a gimmick// What else could it be?
marklar, Oct 18 2007


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