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Dual Japanese fan clock

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One large black Japanese fan which has 360 degrees of articulation is timed to open fully over twelve hours and then to close for the next twelve.
A smaller but otherwise identical fan is centered on the first and describes its arcs in sixty second intervals.
If the fans begin their cycle as closed at twelve noon then the overall effect would be that of full dark at midnight and brightest at noon.


       [+] neat.
FlyingToaster, Oct 05 2015

       Alright [zenzag], take off that mask. It's not Halloween yet. Ha! Try and fool me will ya...
blissmiss, Oct 05 2015

       Nope, just little 'ol me miss bliss. If it helps any, I asked [xen] if he was [FJ] once.   

       Warped minds half-bake alike I guess...   

       + beautiful!
xandram, Oct 09 2015

       I'm XZ! ha! [2 fries] has been here for a long time, and is a most respected contributor. Croissants galore [+]
xenzag, Oct 09 2015

       I'm [xenzag] too!
hippo, Oct 09 2015

       What [Voice] said.
Voice, Oct 09 2015

       I'm [xenzag]us!
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 09 2015

       Sorry bout the misspell xenxag. Ha.
blissmiss, Oct 11 2015


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