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Dual LCD projector

Two LCD screens projecting with different polarization making a 3D display
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I think you all know how IMAX works. This would be simmilar. Normally projecting the same picture for vertical and horizontal polarization, after plugging to a dualhead graphic card and switching the driver to 3D, You should be able to watch a big 3D display with a glasses of 90 degrees varying polarization. Also, with two webcams, you can make teleconferencing in 3D.

(My first article)

Hi Volca

Volca, Nov 21 2003


       This is baked. I saw my first polarized projected presentation some 16 years ago.
benjamin, Nov 21 2003

       Hi! Welcome to halfbakery. They tried to sell me a bathroom with this type of 3d presentation last week. If bathtub makers use this... it had to have been baked 16 years ago. Boned.
anzlovar, Sep 05 2004


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