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clay display and input device

clay ball gets shaped with robotic hands for you to interact with
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It starts with a clay ball that gets shaped by two robotic hands according to a chosen template

Then you interact with the image on the screen by handling, reshaping, and interacting with the clay "dough" which has embedded sensors in it and is being watched by cameras looking at the resulting shape. The camera is not static but rather on a robotic arm that bends over and peers at the resulting new shapes translating it all, together with the tactile sensors embedded in the clay into a shape shown on the display or into instructions to interact with the running software.

If something in the clay has to be changed by the computer it will ask for the clay and shape it on its own.

The whole experience is like playing with a robot using playdough.

For example, you can chose you want a "block tool" that is 4x5 inches and then push your thumb into the clay, the computerobot asks you to hand over the shape and replaces your thjmb mark into a stamp at the correct depth into the clay, and the same correctly appears in the regular computer screen.

pashute, Dec 07 2023

Clay display and input device https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuneiform
[pocmloc, Dec 08 2023]

The turds are only metaphorical https://www.artnews...r-prize-1234688454/
[a1, Dec 08 2023]


       Instead of clay, which you can simply mould and form with your own hands, why not use the same process to model a smelly turd into a detailed 3D self portrait that you can then place in an airtight bell jar and win the Turner Prize next year?
xenzag, Dec 08 2023

       C'mon [xenzag], tell us how you really feel about this year's winning exhibit, or the Turner Prize in general. It's not *always* a pile of garbage, is it?
a1, Dec 08 2023

       I thought this year's winning work was laughably obvious, clichéd and lacking in challenge. It was more like an average art college under graduate show than work worthy of the Trurner prize..... I mean barbed wire with tattered flags zzzzzzzzzzzzz The bendy barriers were well made but again said nothing new. There is far better work being made that didn't get any recognition.
xenzag, Dec 08 2023

       Funny. I never paid attention to it in past years and only knew of this year's winner because I read about it in a news clipping the other day. Then you hsppened to mention it.   

       My initial reaction was less, um, educated than yours - but in general agreement. How do they select the winner? I didn't look at any of the others on the shortlist. but I might now.
a1, Dec 08 2023

       And now that I've looked... I preferred Walker. Her work was representational, exquisitely detailed, and she was speaking to a specific issue with broad implications.   

       The others were all abstractions about ... something ... which maybe the artist could see but nobody else would without having it explained to them.   

       Does that make me a philistine, to prefer the one I understood over the three that made me go "What's that suppose to be?"
a1, Dec 08 2023

       …and this is supposed to…
minoradjustments, Dec 08 2023


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