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Dual Purpose Accelerator Tunnel

Two for the price of One
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There are a number of tunnels under the Alps (and other mountain ranges) to allow the passage of trains and/or road vehicles.

Drill a number of large circular tunnels in locations where they can (partially) serve as both transport routes and also housings for large accelerators for physics research.

That's it.

8th of 7, Jan 24 2010

Magnet quench http://en.wikipedia...agnet#Magnet_quench
One of many things that can go wrong with a particle accelerator [Wrongfellow, Jan 25 2010]

Ooh so close. Collider_20City
"Vibration has to be kept to a minimum; running trains down the same tunnel will generate too much noise and vibration" [8th of 7] [AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 25 2010]


       Innersting possiblity.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 24 2010

       Could the trains be accelerated also?
pocmloc, Jan 24 2010

       Aside from the physics sections, accelerator tunnels usually aren't of large diameter. Picture a steam tunnel, rather than a train tunnel.   

       Besides that, accelerator tunnels need to be maintained fairly clean. A transportation tunnel doesn't exactly fit that bill.
Freefall, Jan 25 2010

       I don't think you could run trains at the same time as the accelerators. As I understand it, the magnets and other gubbins that make up an accelerator need to be aligned quite precisely, and I'd think that the vibration from a passing train would play havoc with the beam. They involve some very strong magnetic fields, which would play havoc with the train, and there's also the ever-present possibility of a magnet quench (link), which would play havoc with the passengers.
Wrongfellow, Jan 25 2010

       "France 204, you are go to enter the northbound approach. Please clear the tunnel within 14 minutes to make way for southbound protons."
lurch, Jan 25 2010

       It needs to be a huge loop. dunno if that cuts down on the available applications.
WcW, Jan 25 2010

       That actually sounds like another potential HB idea.   

       "I'm packing to go on a vacation!"
"Really? Where you going?"
lurch, Jan 26 2010

       // It needs to be a huge loop. //   

       But it could have multiple entry and exit points for vehicles.   

       Just think if the M25 had been built this way.   

       "This ain't no technological breakdown, oh no, this is the road to hell."   

       Is there a Satan Particle ?   

       Satan ... Satnav .... hmmm.
8th of 7, Jan 26 2010

       // think if the M25 had been built this way// If?
pocmloc, Jan 26 2010


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