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Exotic matter from radioactive bose-einstein condensate

Bose einstein condensate is the wave version of cool matter. Make it out of radioactive material and change the wave function of matter in new ways
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simple wikipedia describes bose-einstein condensate as a "giant matter wave." Interpretively, Bose einstein condensate is a version of matter that is all wave.

Trying to think of ways of making exotic matter (like negative energy and others) I wondered if the wave identity version of a heap of disintegrating atoms might change a bose einstein condensate "wave' because of the new partial particles. Although i sure don't know, what if something like an antineutrino (decay product) becomes part of a large wavy wad of matter?

The thing is that you would have to have very radioactive atoms as BE condensates are only made of a few (thousand) atoms, and one or more has to decay to get the novel BE form/wave. the other thing you could do is have less radioactive atoms and have long duration of the BE condensate.

If (big if) BE condensate is actually a wave then the radioactive event might cause things like nodal superposition, interference or other things that are (kind of) new to atoms, thus generating exotic matter.

Again, as a technology the purpose is to generate new forms of exotic matter and then measure or use them.

beanangel, Jul 11 2017

1 billion hydrogen atoms back in 2000 by Greytak et al. https://physics.sta...ons-placed-in-a-bec
[beanangel, Jul 12 2017]


       Well, it does have paragraph breaks ....
normzone, Jul 11 2017

       //BE condensates are only made of a few (thousand) atoms, and one or more has to decay to get the novel BE form/wave.//   

       [link] please.   

       Why do they call it a condensate if its all wave?
RayfordSteele, Jul 12 2017

       [2f] you are right, the largest BEC I found online [link] is a billion atoms, so that makes the thingy easier to build.
beanangel, Jul 12 2017


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