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Dual Shower Head Nozzle

Allows two people to shower at once without "freezeout"
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Have you ever tried to take a shower with your significant other? One person hogs up the nozzle while the other freezes in the corner, then they switch. How about a dual shower head nozzle that directs two streams of water, one for the back & one for the front. There would be some valve to shut off the second head. Even, more complex would be the regulation of different temperatures per each side.
jalsak, Oct 09 2000

Halfbaked http://www.ssmartco.com/shower/
and... [StarChaser, Oct 09 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Fully baked. http://www.plumbing...com/showerfor2.html
[StarChaser, Oct 09 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       This must bea good idea, since I came up with it just a few days ago (guess where I was...). The main difficulty would be the extra plumbing, I should think. Plus, you'd want a switch (or a sensor) so that you wouldn't get sprayed from both directions during a lone cleaning.   

       On the other hand, such a shower set up might reveal more about a couple's intimate habits than they might want visitors to their bathroom to know. Even if this was only in the master shower, the kids might notice and bring up this information at awkward times. Besides which, too much spray in the shower makes it hard to lather up, and makes it more likely that you're going to get spritzed in the face with ricochet water.
centauri, Oct 09 2000

       <Hi, Centauri. <grin> No annotation when I started...>   

       The second of those links needs no plumbing, it replaces the shower head. Might also be useful for soap yourself up completely, then hose off all at once...I wish my showerhead had an easy-off switch to leave the water turned to the right temp, but stop when I didn't need it. <Yes, I know they make those...I don't have one and can't install one in my apartment.>
StarChaser, Oct 09 2000

       Like Dan Ackroyd once said, "To save water, shower with a friend."   

       Love this idea.....
BigThor, Oct 10 2000

       ...shower with a friend always takes three times as long...
Alcin, Oct 11 2000

       Not only baked but actually old-fashioned; some of the earliest showers were shaped like ribcages, several 3/4-circles of tubing horizontally around the occupant with water jetting towards the center. I can't remember what they were called.
hello_c, Oct 11 2000

       i found a website several yrs ago that sold dual showerhead systems it had 2 heads coming from oppisite end of the stall . they were in ohio but can't sem to find it. if anyone might know the name please let me know, and 2 showers heads are better than one
craig776, Dec 12 2000


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