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Eazy Shower

A shower regulator with timer that slowly cools your shower's temperature
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Semi-Fact: They say people can get sick from going from a hot shower to a cold room

Fact: Me and the kids are always running late in the mornings from staying to long in that hot shower

Fact: Foggy mirrors after a hot shower can be very annoying!

Fact: Nothing is more refreshing, or wakes you up more, than a cold shower.

The Eazy showe is temperature regulator with a timer that goes between your shower head and the water valve. You set the timer for how long you want (SHOULD) be in the shower. The regulator let's you enjoy your hot water for most of the shower, but during the last five minutes it slowly starts turning down the hot water, making your water cooler. The change is very suttle, so you hardly notice, but by the end of your shower time your water will be room temperature. No more shock of leaving that shower into a cold room! No more foggy mirrors! No more staying in the shower too long! You leave your shower more awake and refreshed than ever!

Someday, Jun 16 2007


       sp. subtle
pertinax, Jun 16 2007

       Semi-Fact? There's a halfbaked idea or two in there.
nuclear hobo, Jun 16 2007

       My shower already does this. As the hot water stored in the tank runs low, the temperature starts to go from hot to warm to cool. No need for a timer.
jaksplat, Jun 16 2007

       Better idea: tinyurl.com/6kopkx   

       The reason you become cold coming out of the shower is *not* that the water was warmer than room temperature. In fact, the air in the bathroom is significantly above room temperature by the time you get out.   

       The reason you become cold is because the water remaining on your skin evaporates, carrying away heat. If anything, take Larry Schlusser's shower system and add a water-tight compartment for a towel. ;)   

       Oh, and your second Fact could be addressed by an egg- timer.
EdgeOfEpsilon, Dec 17 2008

       //Semi-Fact? There's a halfbaked idea or two in there//
A semi-fact has more wheels than a regular fact, and a tighter turning circle.
coprocephalous, Dec 17 2008

       //Semi-Fact? There's a halfbaked idea or two in there.// Yes, Yes, Fact grading. Little know, scientists agree, well known, irrefutable.... semi-lie? Somebody should post this, just not me, my delete track record is very poor.
n81641, Dec 17 2008


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