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Dual side gas caps

Put the fuel in on either side
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It is always a pain to fill your car with gas when the gas station is busy. The problem is that you need to combine waiting in line for a pump with directing your car in the direction optimal for filling the tank. What ends up happening is that cars face into each other against the grain and then get trapped by people waiting since they need to back out of the gas station. So why not have access to the gas tank from either side of the car?
dhousman, Oct 21 2004

Jaguar Dual Fillers http://archive.card...view/jaguar-rcoupe/
but only known to Jaguar owners (I'm not one) [xenzag, Apr 18 2008]


       Hey, am I dhousman, or did I dream I posted this just a wee bit ago. My reason was because I drive so many different vehicles, I never know which side the cap is on. (Bewarned, this will not go over well. It was baked, broiled, steamed, and flamed, when I posted it.)
blissmiss, Oct 21 2004

       Not to light the flame fires, but this is baked? Its a great idea. [+]
ghillie, Oct 22 2004

       ghillie, as was pointed out to me, (and you were here at the time), older models of cars had hidden caps under the plates, centered, making it baked, the fact that many, (US), gas stations had hoses that could reach both sides, made it broiled, and for reasons too many to repeat, this idea, *of mine*, was deleted for obvious reasons.   

       Not to sound snitty, but when I say one of my ideas has already been toasted, other than the stupid "talking toaster" one, trust me, I know what I am talking about. (Or toasting about, or whatever).
blissmiss, Oct 22 2004

       I had a 1973 Dodge pick-up with a cap on each side (and a separate tank on each side, too. The old bugger held about 40+ gallons of gasoline (150 liters of petrol). Seems the pump was always on the WRONG side, with the full tank. I wanted to put in a transfer line, but never did.
TD3, Oct 22 2004

       I didn't see the original posting of this. I'd want this on a car. OK, so a long fuel hose solves the problem, but that doesn't make this useless... it'd be a more convenient solution. Bun, to be shared equally between [blissmiss] and dhousman.
david_scothern, Oct 22 2004

       Yes bliss, you grilled, fried, toasted, blanched this one before.
skinflaps, Oct 22 2004

       I know I've seen this before. I think it was on some E-Type Jaguars, and maybe early XJ's, as well as some other British and Italian sports cars. I do wish the car makers would bring back this very usefull feature though.
Jawzx, May 02 2005

       I don't care whose idea it is. When one car after another zips in from the opposite side because I'm pointed the wrong way, I want a gas cap on EVERY FENDER. Bunz4all.
elhigh, Jun 16 2005

       My Jag (yes, a rich man's car. Sadly, the rich bastard who owned it before me drove it into the ground) has the filler cap on one side, but it's under a flap on the top of the rear wing (fender?), so you can fill it from either side.
Basepair, Jun 16 2005

       Old Jags had this and so does my mini :) two tanks joined and two caps.
mawgadog, Sep 05 2005

       Aussie valiant chargers had this as part of the track pack option - filler cap on each side. Still a good idea tho.
andrew1, Apr 06 2008

       Rear filling was a great idea until the invention of rear end impacts sometime in the late 70's.
Giblet, Apr 06 2008

       //the invention of rear end impacts// Brilliant, [Giblet]!
Ned_Ludd, Apr 07 2008

       I'm confused by this idea. Are there gas stations in the world that don't have long enough hoses to reach either side of the car? Every one I've been to in the UK does.
Srimech, Apr 07 2008

       //Every one I've been to in the UK does.//
Sainburys in Cobham, Surrey doesn't.
They once cut off the fuel as I was filling because they said I putting too much strain on the hose. It was diesel, so even if the hose had come off, there was no real danger.
coprocephalous, Apr 07 2008

       Baked by Jaguar and I'm sure many other cars [marked-for-deletion] good idea and that's why it's widely known to exist already.
xenzag, Apr 07 2008

       yes yes yes
evilpenguin, Apr 09 2008

       A simpler and cheaper partial solution is to have a little arrow next to the fuel warning light, to tell you which side the cap is on.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 09 2008

       i haven't seen this one before, but props to blissmiss for thinking it up, and dhousman also; seriously, it seems like this would be a baked idea by now. :D
drummac88, Apr 10 2008

       [admin: I don't think this is widely known. People who are into cars and car history know this, but not everybody who drives (and struggles with parking on the good side of the gas station). Let's let it stick around.]
jutta, Apr 18 2008

       //A simpler and cheaper partial solution ...//   

       Rental cars usually have this.
nomocrow, Apr 18 2008

       Not normally baked due for reasons of safety (usually opposite the side your exhaust is on) further expenditure of fuel vapors, and mostly cost.
RayfordSteele, Apr 18 2008


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